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Posted 5/19/2017

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MG Jackson, USACE Deputy Commanding General for Civil Works and Emergency Operations, visited Bluestone Dam to learn more about its operations and the ongoing Dam Safety Assurance (DSA) Mega Project. A particular emphasis was placed on understanding the need for further investment proposed in a Supplementary Dam Safety Modification Study (DSMS) currently at Headquarters now for final policy compliance review. This DSMS recommends nearly $300 million worth of additional investment to address a deficiency in the primary spillway leading to significant and unacceptable risks to loss of life on top of 5 phases of construction previously procured to add stability using 500 rock anchors and thrust block and increase outflow  by converting existing penstocks into an auxiliary spillway.


Pictured are MG Jackson, COL Secrist , Joe Savage, Wayne Budrus, Paul Carr --Bluestone DSA Resident Engineer, Sand Nesmith -- Bluestone DSA Project Engineer, Dean Bonifacio --Bluestone Dam Resource Manager and Aaron Smith --Bluestone DSA Project Manager.

Bluestone Dam