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How To Find Us

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The address for the dam is 1041 Co.Rd.3006, Perrysville, OH 44864-9782. There are many way to get there, here are three of them; From I-71 take Exit 165, get on State Route 97 east, travel 4.6 miles past the village of Butler, Ohio, and turn left onto McCurdy Road, go two miles and turn right on Goon Road which is also county road 3006. Co. Rd. 3006 takes you to the dam. It's approximately 20 miles east of I-71. From Loudonville take Rt.39, west, to Co.Rd. 917. Turn Left onto Co.Rd. 3006 and proceed to the dam. From the Loudonville area, off of Rd. 39 N out of town, turn at the VFW / Co.Rd. 917 and go to Co.Rd. 3006. Turn left and follow the road to the dam.

Mailing Address:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Pleasant Hill Lake
1041 county Road 3006
Perrysville, OH 44864

Contact: 419-938-5785, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., or leave a message. Call 419-938-6529 for a recorded message providing updated lake and project information.

General Information

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General Information

The U.S.Army Corps of Engineer's Pleasant Hill Dam is right in the middle of two major recreation areas; Mohican State Park and Mohican Memorial Forest below the dam and MWCD's Pleasant Hill Lake Park, created by the dam, above it. The dam and lake are located on the Clear Fork branch of the Mohican River, 6 miles west of Loudonville and 20 miles southeast of Mansfield, Ohio, in Ashland County.    Pleasant Hill Dam was constructed for flood reduction, recreation and fish and wildlife management, it was complete in 1936.  The dam is made up of rolled earth fill with an impervious, water proof, core of clay. It is 113 feet high, 775 feet long, with a top width of 30 feet, and a base width of 550 feet.    A unique feature of this flood control structure is the 'Morning Glory Spillway', one of only two dams built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with this type spillway.  Refer to the photo section for pictures of this unique feature.  For tours of Pleasant Hill Dam, the Intake Structure, and Flood Control Facilities contact the USACE, Pleasant Hill Dam Office at (419) 938-5785.    The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers provides a lovely Day Use Area adjacent to the dam with public restrooms, picnic tables, grills and a shelter, as well as water fountains and a kiosk with information of interest to visitors to the area.  The rest rooms are open on a seasonal basis (April -October).  The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, Pleasant Hill Dam, is responsible for two short trails that connect to the more extensive trail system managed by the Mohican State Park and Forest. 

Handicapped Access

The picnic shelter and restrooms in the day use area are universally accessible.  The restrooms are open on a seasonal basis (May - October). 

Historical Info

A short distance from Pleasant Hill Lake is Malabar Farm State Park home of Louis Bromfield. Known for being a Pulitzer Prize winning author and the person who introduced French practices of sustainable agriculture in this country his farm,The Bromfield Farm, is now a State Park. Call (419) 892-2784, visit their web site @ www.malabarfarm.org; or e-mail to; "malibarfarm@earthlink.net.    Mohican State Park, once the hunting grounds of the Delaware Indians, is a wondeful place to view the results of the movement of the last ice age glacier.  The glacier scraped the earth away down to bedrock, exposing huge rock formations and creating impressive vistas such as the one at Clear Fork Gorge. Call (419) 994-5125 or visit their web site @ http://naturepreserves.ohiodnr.gov/clearforkgorge


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Bicycles and all terrain vehicles are NOT permitted on Corps of Engineers property which is in the immediate ara of the dam.  Mohican State Park has one 8 mile long trail for bikes that starts in the class campground.  CAll them at 419-994-5125 or go to their web page at www.dnr.state.oh.us\parks.  Mohican Memorial Forest has several bike trails, call them at 419-938-6222 for full details.  Pleasant Hill Lake Park, managed by MWCD, also has trails for bicycles. For information contact Pleasant Hill Lake Park at (419) 938-7884 or go to their web site at http://www.mwcd.org/places/parks/pleasant-hill-lake-park



The lake provides 800 surface acres of water with unlimited horsepower. There is no boat launch at the U.S.Army Corps of Engineer's Pleasant Hill Dam.  The closest public launch ramp is in MWCD's Pleasant Hill Lake Park near the marina.  Contact them for more details at (419) 938-7884 or visit their web site at mwcdlakes.com.  For those of you who like canoeing, you're just a 20-minute drive from Pleasant Hill Dam to the town of Loudonville and the Mohican River. The Mohican River is considered by some to be one of the finest canoeing rivers in Ohio.



There is no camping at the U.S.Army Corps of Engineer's Pleasant Hill Dam.  Camping is available in MWCD's Pleasant Hill Lake Park, contact them at (419) 938-7884 or visit their website @ www.mwcdlakes.com.  Federal Recreation passes such as Golden Age, Golden Access, or America the Beautiful - National Park and Federal Recreation Lands Access Passes are not honored at MWCD facilities, but anyone over the age of 60 or those who have a Golden Buckeye Card receive a 10% discount.  Additional information about the federal recreation pass program is available at http://corpslakes.usace.army.mil/visitors/passes.cfm or by calling1-888-ASK-USGS.

Camping is also available at Mohican State Park campgrounds, for more information call them @ (419) 994-4290.  For those who don't want to rough it, two miles from Pleasant Hill Dam is Mohican State Park Resort overlooking Pleasant Hill Lake. The resort offers swimming, tennis, dining, and other activities. For more information you can contact them at (800) 282-7275 or visit their web site @ www.mohicanresort.com.


The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers permits fishing on federal government property which is immediately above and below the dam.  Access is from the Pleasant Hill Dam Day Use Area where there is a lighted parking lot, restrooms, (on a seasonal basis) and an attractive picnic area.   The main trail to the river below the dam starts out with old concrete steps, is very steep, please use caution.  The access to the lake immediately above the dam is also steep but there is a gravel roadway which makes it easier to walk.  MWCD permitts fishing in and around the lake, contact them for details by calling (419) 938-7884 or visit the web site at www.mwcdlakes.com. Mohican State Park also permits fishing in the Mohican river below the dam, contact them for details at 419-994-4290 or visit their web site at http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/mohican



The only trails managed by the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, Pleasant Hill Dam, are two short sections from the Day Use Area on top of the dam to the more extensive trail system, managed by Mohican State Park. below the dam.  One of those trails is very steep as it is on the 100+' face of the dam.  The other one leads into the woods from the area beside the kisok and includes fine scenic vistas.   Mohican State Forest and the State Park manage miles of trails that wind throught the forest below the dam.  Two of them are Big Lyon’s and Little Lyon’s Falls trails.  The access to their trails is at the Covered Bridge crossing over the Clear Fork River.  Also near the Covered Bridge is a river side trail that, once you get on it, follows the river along a nearly level roadway, it is also a lovely place to walk.  There is a very nice trail map in the kiosk in the Day Use Area, however, the colors that represent the various trails does not match the colors the state used to mark their trails.we are hoping to fit this problem in the near future.  There are extemsive trails in the Mohican Memorial Forest.  For more trail information contact the following agencies: Mohican Memorial State Forest at (419) 938-6222. and Mohican State Park at (419) 994-5125, with the parks web site is http://parks.ohiodnr.gov/mohican


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is available from private businesses near MWCD's Pleasant Hill Lake Park.  For information contact them at (419) 938-7884.



Public Hunting is available on MWCD and Mohican State Forest land. Information Public Hunting and Fishing Areas can be obtained from http://www.mohicanstatepark.org/ or call Mohican State Forest at (419) 938-6222. 



There is one marina located on Pleasant Hill Lake, it is operated by MWCD on a seasonal basis (April - September). For all boating inquiries contact Pleasant Hill Lake Park at (419) 938-7884.



The Pleasant Hill Dam Day Use Area is located adjacent to the dam.  Picnic tables and a shelter are situated under many shade trees.  The grassy picnic area is enclosed on one side by beautiful rock cliffs. There are universally accessable tables and restroom facilities.  Water fountains, restroom, scenic views and a kiosk with information of interest to visitiors to the areas are also located there. The restrooms are open from May to October.  MWCD's, Pleasant Hill Lake Park and Mohican State Park also provide Picnic Sites and Picnic Shelters.  For more information contact MWCD, Pleasant Hill Lake Park Office at (419) 938- 7884 or Mohican State Park @ (419) 994-5125.  The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers can be contacted at (419) 938-5785.



The U.S.Army Corps of Engineers does not have a designated swimming area available at Pleasant HIll Dam.  MWCD has designated one swimming area within Pleasant Hill Lake Park, call their office at (419) 938-7884.


Visitor Center

The U.S.Army Corps of Engineer's Pleasant Hill Dam does not have a visitor center.



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