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How To Find Us

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From Coshocton, Ohio, take State Route 16 west to State Route 83 south. On State Route 83 south, go approximately 4.5 miles and turn right onto County Road 429 (stay to the left at all intersections). Turn left at County Road 497, which goes across Wills Creek Dam. The project office is located on the far side.

Mailing Address:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Wills Creek Lake
49320 County Road 497
Coshocton, OH 43812

Contact: 740-829-2425, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m, or leave a message.

General Information

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General Information

Wills Creek Dam is a flood reduction facility. It is operated as a "dry dam" which means it does not have a large lake behind it. The small lake is caused by a nine foot high concrete ogee control weir at the entrance to the intake structure which maintains an average lake level of 742.0 feet above sea level. Sea level is the average of all the seas in the world and is recognised as 0 feet elevation, that is how the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers measures the levels of water under its control. Under normal operations Wills Creek Lake is contained within the banks of the original Wills Creek. However, Wills Creek Lake is a flood reduction facility and when it is functioning for flood reduction it can store a mamimum of 196,000 acre feet of water within the 20,452 acre reservoir. Water is stored up to elevation 779.00 feet above sea level, the top edge of the Spillway is exactly 779.00 feet above sea level. If the flood water got above that elevation it would flow over the Spillway and would no longer be under control. The dam is 108 miles above the mouth of the Muskingum River at Marietta, Ohio, the dam site is one mile upstream of the town of Wills Creek, Ohio. The actual dam consists of the embankment, which is made of rolled earth fill with a central impervious core, it is 87 feet above the streambed, the top of it is at an elevation of 799.0 feet above sea level, the crest is 1950 feet long, with a top width of 30 feet. The outlet works, which is the place made to allow the water to go through the dam, is in the left abutment of the dam. It consists of an approach channel, the Intake Structure, twin arch tunnels through the dam, the stilling basin used to calm the water, and the outlet channel. The Intake Structure houses six 7 1/2 foot X 15 foot caterpillar-type gates and one service gate, all used for flood-reduction operations. By operating these gates the level of the water above and below the dam is controlled. There are no Public Restrooms available at Wills Creek Dam.

Handicap Access

The is a Universally Accessable Fishing Access that opened in mid September 2004 below the dam.  It consists of a lighted, a paved parking site and path that leads to the concrete fishing access platform. The entrance to the area is near the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers office. There are no Universally Accessible Bathroom Facilities provided at Wills Creek Lake.

Historical Info

There are no historical/cultural areas present at Wills Creek Lake. Twenty minutes drive from the project is Roscoe Village, a historic 19th century, canal era, living history community. Visit their web site @ www.roscoevillage.com.



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Bicycles are permitted on all county roads, but no bicycle trails are available on project lands.



Wills Creek Lake has a 10 horse power limit. The public launch ramp is located on State Route 83 and is operated by MWCD. For more information you can call MWCD at (330) 343-6647 or visit their website at www.mwcd.org.



There are no camping facilities available at Wills Creek Lake.



Fishing is a very popular activity around Wills Creek Dam.   Adding to the enjoyment is a new universally accessable fishing area below the dam that was completed in 2004.  This functional and attractive area includes a concrete fishing platform, that extends out over the river, a lighted parking lot and picnic table. It was buiilt in late 2004 with co-operation between Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, the Coshocton Co. Sportsmens Association and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.   To get to this new area follow the signs, the road goes passed the office for the dam. Please look at the photos that are included in this web page to get a good look at this wonderful addition to Wills Creek's attractions.  Fishing has been popular in the reservoir behind Wills Creek Dam for a long time.  There is a 10 hp limit on the reservoir.  The public launch ramp is located on SR 83 and is operated by Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.  For more information call MWCD at (330) 343-6647 or visit their web site at www.mwcd.org



There are no designated hiking trails at this project.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is availabe near Wills Creek Dam.  The Trail Head, located on AEP property, is named "Falen Park", after the late  Jack Falen and Mrs. Falen, long time members. It is located on Co. Rd. 429, 2 miles off Route 83 S.  Maintained by the Ohio Horsemen's Assn., the park features a large picnic shelter, security light, watering trough, porta pots & ample parking for trailers. Maps of the 28 to 30 mile of trails are available at the sign-in station near the shelter.  The trails go over AEP, MWCD and USACE lands. For more information call Gerald Arden at 740-622-8013. 


Public hunting is available on the land managed by USACE and MWCD in the reservoir, except around buildings and recreation areas, in compliance with all state and federal laws.  Maps for the public hunting and fishing areas can be obtained from the following: Wills Creek General Store @ (740) 829-2609, or MWCD @ (330) 343-6647 or visit their website at www.mwcd.org.



The marina at Wills Creek Lake is located on SR 83 and is operated by MWCD.  There is a concrete ramp and parking area. 



The is one handicapped accessable picnic table in the below dam fishing access area which opened in mid September 2004. 



There are no designated swimming areas available at this project.


Visitor Center

There is no visitor center at this project. Contact the Wills Creek Dam Project Office at (740) 829-2425 if you or your group are interested in a tour of the dam and flood control facilities.