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Public Notices by Year


The below listed documents may not be readable via Optical Character Recognition. To receive public notices via email, please send an email to LRH.Permits@usace.army.mil indicating that you would like to be placed on the public notice electronic distribution list. Your email should also include the "Area of Interest" in which you would like to receive public notices.
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LRH 2016-340-MUS - 4/19/2017: The applicant has requested authorization to discharge approximately 3,659 cubic yards of dredged and/or fill material into approximately 2.27 acres of five wetlands in conjunction with the proposed construction of a mixed use development site.
Expiration date: 5/18/2017


LRH 2013-257-MUS - 3/31/2017: The applicant proposes to discharge approximately 60,387 cubic yards of fill material to construct a permanent replacement dam and berm along 21,648 linear feet of the north and west shores of Buckeye Lake in order to bring the dam into compliance with current State of Ohio regulations and dam safety standards as part of the Phase II of the Buckeye Lake Dam Rehabilitation Project.
Expiration date: 4/29/2017

LRH 2016-513-TYR - 3/28/2017: The permittee has requested the U.S Army Corps of Engineers consider a modification to an existing permit to authorize the discharge of fill material into streams and wetlands associated with a modified design for an approximate 7.5 mile long section of the 100-mile long highway referred to as Corridor H, Kerens to Parsons, Section 1.
Expiration date: 4/11/2017


LRH 2015-01071-LKR - 3/27/2017: NOTICE OF A PUBLIC INFORMATION HEARING Indian Creek Mitigation Bank
Expiration date: 4/12/2017

LRH 2016-00006-WV - 3/22/2017: Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program Reissuance and Issuance of Nationwide Permits for West Virginia.
Expiration date: 3/18/2022

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