US Army Corps of Engineers
Huntington District

Major General Robert Whittle, Commanding General, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division visited the Huntington District to gain a greater appreciation of the district's mission.
Huntington District's Water Quality Team, EC-GW-W cooperated with the WV DNR, WV DEP, and the USFWS downstream of Sutton Lake on the Elk River to maximize opportunities related to the shutdown of the outflow for the scheduled PI. Flow was shut down at the dam in order to allow inspections of the tunnels and outlet structure by USACE personnel. Staff from the separate state and federal resource agencies worked together to conduct both fish surveys and mussel assessments downstream of the dam. The combination of the shutdown and the surveys drew a crowd and allowed a great opportunity for outreach to our stakeholders.
Through a partnership between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, mussels were cultivated in Burnsville Lake and Sutton Lake within West Virginia. In May, multiple cages were placed with fish infested with larval mussels within the lake.
This video is a documentary on the history and future of the Bluestone Dam in Hinton, WV.
Col. Jason Evers, Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District, gives a public service announcement from Alum Creek Dam in Ohio to kick of the 2019 Water Safety Campaign: Life Jackets Worn... Nobody Mourns!

Regulatory Public Notices

LRH 2019-00529-HOC

Applicant has submitted a proposal to modify their approved ILFP instrument to implement an ILFP project identified as the Two Glaciers Park In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Project within the Hocking watershed.

LRH 2018-00672-LMR

The applicant has requested to discharge dredged and/or fill material into 1,659 linear feet (lf) of waters of the United States, in conjunction with the construction of the HAM-71-9.92/10.75, PID 99777 project.

Latest News Releases

Sutton Lake to Temporarily Lower Winter Pool Level
SUTTON, W.Va. - - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Sutton Lake will temporarily lower the winter pool level an additional 30 feet (to elevation 865 feet) for two weeks beginning Dec. 1, 2019, to...
John W. Flannagan Additional Whitewater Releases
Huntington, W.Va. - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will add two additional days of releases from John W. Flannagan Reservoir in Haysi, Va., for the 2019 Russell Fork whitewater season. ...


Justin Elkins, Mitigation Banking Program Manager, conducts a site visit to inspect wetland that was established as part of Mitigation Banking.
2019 Small Business Conference
Bluestone Dam Safety Assurance Team
Dam Safety in Laos
Bluestone Dam Edges Closer to Completion
R3F Marietta Repair Station Repairs Gathright Dam (NAO) Gate
Burnsville Lake Hosts First Aid and CPR Training
​ ​PCXIN-DM Staff Celebrates Efficient Data Collection
COL Evers presents Ashley Pierson with the Commanders Award
LDP Graduation
Science and Sutton Lake go hand in hand!
MG Toy Visits Supplemental Project Sites
​LRD Commanding General Visits Bluestone Dam
Sutton Dam
The R. D. Bailey Lake Dam was recently updated with new technology: automated piezometers which were installed on December 9, 2017.
Steve Foster, Kamryn Tufts, Andy Johnson, Emma Kist, Christy Stefanides, and Thaddaeus Tuggle, Huntington District Water Quality, collected water chemistry and chlorophyll in the lake, tail waters, and inflows of Bluestone, Burnsville, Summersville, and Sutton Lakes.
The view of the intake structure while gathering water samples at Leesville Lake in Bowerston, Ohio.
Summersville Lake
Marmet Locks and Dam
The Project Managers take a seat on their floating classroom on a barge connect to the “Laurel J.”
Tom Jenkins Lake
London Locks
Summersville Dam