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AT Awareness Month - August 2014

The U.S. Army has designated  August as "Army Antiterrorism Awareness Month". Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, and worldwide threat to our nation and our Army in all locations and operational environments.  As such, it is important that Soldiers, Department of the Army (DA) civilians, Family Members, and affiliated personnel, seek to understand the threat and help to defend against the full range of terrorist tactics.

We must gain and sustain antiterrorism knowledge throughout our community to build constant AT awareness. We must ensure each member of the community has the requisite knowledge about the threat and personal protection measures to help prevent terrorist acts. We must seek to make every Soldier, civilian, family member and contractors a participant in identifying and reporting information that can contribute to preventing an attack.

Every member of the Huntington District plays an important role in preventing terrorist acts. By embedding antiterrorism principles and concepts throughout our plans and programs we protect our critical resources from terrorists.

By understanding the indicators of potential terrorist activities, and reporting suspicious behavior to military police or local law enforcement, our District Team members serve as “sensors” to enhance and extend the Army protection posture.

Themes  for this year's AT Awareness Month include: iWATCH Army, See Something, Say Something and eGuardian threat reporting programs, exercise lessons learned, case studies, tactics, techniques and procedures and the Antiterrorism measures we now include in contracting.

Security is a team effort. Your actions and continuing support of the District's Antiterrorism program can help security personnel, law enforcement and first responders do their jobs.