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New Life Jacket Loaner Station at Atwood Lake

Published May 22, 2019

Mineral City, OH – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with boating safety nonprofit, the Sea Tow Foundation, has announced the opening of a new Life Jacket Loaner Station at Atwood Lake in Mineral City, Ohio, starting May 24, 2019.

The station will hold life jackets that local boaters may borrow and use, free of charge. Available in sizes ranging from infant to Adult XL, these life jackets help to ensure each of a boat’s passengers have access to necessary safety equipment.

The station will be located at Atwood Marina West in space provided by Atwood Lake Boats owner Brian Valot.

“We’re excited to partner with the Sea Tow Foundation to make this Life Jacket Loaner Station available to boaters in our area,” said Grace Trimble, Natural Resource Specialist. “This will help ensure boaters of all ages have enough proper-fitting life jackets, which will go a long way toward keeping people safe while they’re out enjoying the beautiful Atwood Lake waters.”

Since 2008 the Sea Tow Foundation has distributed nearly 50,000 life jackets to local businesses and organizations across the country. These stations are placed in locations where boaters will have easy access to the life jackets. Boaters may borrow the life jackets at no cost and are asked to return them when they are finished so that they are available for others to use.

“The opening of this new Life Jacket Loaner Station at Atwood Marina West is a major achievement, and we are proud to partner with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ensure the public’s access to these life jackets,” said Gail R. Kulp, the Sea Town Foundation’s executive director. “With such a strong boating culture, we know that these life jackets will save lives this boating season and for years to come.”

For additional information on the Sea Tow Foundation and to locate a Life Jacket Loaner Station near you, visit

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