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Corps Announces Special Water Release at Deer Creek Lake

Published Oct. 3, 2012

Corps Announces Special Water Release at Deer Creek Lake

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announces a special water release from Deer Creek Lake on Oct. 4 to aid in the calibration of the stream gage at Williamsport, Ohio.

This past summer the Ohio Department of Transportation rebuilt the bridge at Williamsport Mill Street. In order to determine flood reduction measurements at this location the Corps of Engineers and the United States Geological Survey upgraded the existing stream gage. In order to properly calibrate the upgraded gage it is necessary to increase the flow of the stream in a controlled manner.

Beginning at about 7:30 a.m. the Corps will increase the outflow from Deer Creek Lake by about one foot per hour for five hours. This will not exceed the normal summer maximum outflow and will cause non-damaging stages on Deer Creek. The Corps will begin reducing the outflow by one foot per hour at 1 p.m. to bring it back to the normal rate as part of the fall drawdown.

This special release for gage calibration was not possible earlier in the year due to the dry conditions experienced in the region that have created adverse impacts to Deer Creek Lake’s authorized purposes of recreation and wildlife enhancement.

Reducing flood damages to citizens within the Huntington District’s 45,000 square mile area or responsibility is one of our primary objectives. We have built 35 dams and 29 flood wall and levee systems within the District that has resulted in nearly $11 billion in flood damage reduction benefits throughout the Ohio River basin.

For more information, please contact the Huntington District Public Affairs Office at 304-399-5353.


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