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Huntington District Presents Service and Achievement Awards

Published March 24, 2014

HUNTINGTON, W.V. – Tuesday, Col. Leon Parrot, Huntington District commander, presented awards for significant achievements by several members of the Huntington District at a ceremony held in the Huntington City Hall Auditorium.

One of the most significant awards was the President’s Volunteer Service Award which was presented to Carol Edlin, Carolyn Jones and Jeanne Ann Mullins for their volunteer service working with the Huntington District Family Support Group. This is considered to be the nation’s premier volunteer awards program which encourages United States citizens to live a life of service. 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awards were presented to Derek Maxey for Cost Engineer of the Year (2013) and the E. Manning Seltzer Chief Counsel’s Award (2013) was presented to Tom Bradley and Willie Williams.

Leo Arbaugh, Randy Campbell, Adam Gaskin, C.J. Hamilton, Wyatt Kmen, Vince Marchese, Jason Ritter and Jay Vanhoose were presented the Chief of Engineers’ Coin of Excellence for their work on the Hurricane Sandy Response & Recovery effort. Their contributions in the response and recovery effort were invaluable to the success of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ mission.

Great Lakes and Ohio River Division level awards were presented to: Chad Vanhoy as the O&M Castle Award Employee of the Year (2013); Thomas Nicholson as the Recreation Employee of The Year (2013); Sherry Miller received a Division Commander’s Award; and the Regional Quality Management Initiative award went to Todd Mitchell, Brandon Moore, Jack Nichol, Amy Riffee, Sharanna Romans, Jim Shiner, Leo Arbaugh, Peter Dodgion, Rebecca Fulks, Mike Hatten and David Humphreys.

Brian Morgan received the Star of Life Award for his actions to rescue a swimmer from drowning at R.D. Bailey Lake during the summer of 2013.

Huntington District Awards were: Project of The Year (2013) was awarded to Grayson Lake and the resource team consisting of: Carol Edlin, Aaron Harmon, Nicholas Herriage, Tiffany Hunter, Frank Jeffrey, Brian Johnson, Michelle Mirus, Jason Sharp and Bradley Swartz. The Environmental Stewardship Employee of the Year (2013) is Bob Wattenschaidt. The Environmental Compliance Employee of the Year (2013) is Dave Eskridge. The Hard Hat of the Year (2013) was awarded to Larry Drown. The Engineer of the Year (2013) is Jeff Jezewski. The Responder of the Year (2012) was Wyatt Kmen. The Readiness Employee of the Year (2012) was Jason Ritter. The Construction Management Excellence Award (2012) went to Coen Bauders.

Equal Employment Opportunity awards were: Field Office Woman of the Year (2012) went to Sekia Dalton; District Office Woman of the Year (2012) went to Sharon Lewis; Field Office Supervisor of the Year (2012) went to T. C. Music; and, District Office Supervisor of the Year (2012) went to Wren Wilson.

The Project Delivery Team of the Year (2013) was awarded to the Bolivar Dam Major Rehabilitation Project composed of: Chris Abshire, Brian Ball, Gary Baxter, Erin Bradley, Jami Buchanan, Adam Burcham, Sean Carter, Brian Clouse, Elizabeth Cooper, Anthony Cremeans, Rodney Cremeans, Maj. Mike Custer, Evan Dailey, Travis Fishley, Cheryl Fitzwater, Matt Folk, Greg Fosson, Jason Freeman, Rebecca Fulks, Terry Gallion, Matt Gibson, Greg Gilkison, Erich Guy, Georgette Hlepas, Rick Horton, Andrew Johnson , John Johnson, Mike Keathley, Mike Lawrence, Tyler Lester, Brian Lowe, Pedro Luciano, Seth Lyle, George Madison, Brian Maka, Joe McCallister, Mack Mccarty, Alex Neal, Kevin Nelson, Mike Nield, Anthony Paschall, Stephen Porter, Jeff Rakes, Mike Rist, Ernie Romans, Dustin Sawyers, Alicia Scruggs, John Simpkins , Aaron Smith, Bradley Stark, Dan Stark, Mike Stickler, Marcia Thompson, Jim Vassar, Jonathan West, Mark Wheeler, Willie Williams and Jeff Yost.

Commander’s Awards were presented to: Tom Bradley, Willie Williams, Matt Green, Dean Hammonds, Buddy Langdon, Michael Koon, Mack McCarty, Simon Fet, Mike Ferguson, Jeremy Stevenson, Bryce Davis, Derek Wagoner, Andrew Auxier, Aaron Harmon, Brian Johnson, Robert Neal, Justin Pyles, Nathan Vanhoose, Mike Barbour, Arlie Bishop, Beth Cade, Justin Carlson, Sean Carter, Jerry Casto, Terry Clarke, Chris Clinton, Amy Frantz, Tim Fudge, Steve Hann, Sandy King, Mike McCray, Bill Miller,T. C. Music, Amy Riffee, Sharanna Romans, Mike Spoor, Anthony Estep, Patrina Adkins, Tammy Bowen, Christy Cooper, Josh Dow, Sherry Grimes, Donna Hampton, Joella Hanlon, Whitney Jackson, Sharon Lewis, Lorie Myers, Allison Pack, Caitlin Starkey, Brenda Rankin and Caron Whaley.

Todd Mitchell, Brandon Moore, Jack Nichol, Amy Riffee, Sharanna Romans, Jim Shiner, Leo Arbaugh, Peter Dodgion, Rebecca Fulks, Mike Hatten and Dave Humphreys were awarded the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for their work in helping the Huntington District achieve the International Organization for Standardization Certification ( across all business lines for 2103.

Commander’s Coins were presented to: Brian Lowe, Mike Rist and John Simpkins of Bolivar; Jeff Maynard of Dover; Josh Bruce, Kevin Butler and Kenneth Darko of Mohawk; Raynell Napier for Dam Safety Program support; Tom Baker for Department of Energy support; and, Doug Kish for Five Part Program support.

The Combined Federal Campaign team: Misty Gregg, Kristin Blake, Kelley Campbell, Wendy Farley, Mary Ann Herrick, Allison Pack and Lin Prescott were recognized for their efforts raising contributions in excess of $23,000.

Length of Service Awards were presented to: Christopher Abshire, Crystal Adkins,  Eldridge  Adkins, Robert Brinkman, Lois Canterbury Richard Canterbury, Rodney Cremeans, Kathleen Crisp, Waitman Davis, Jr., Carol Edlin, Cheryl Fitzwater, Thomas Floyd, Timothy Fudge, David Harmon, Greta Jackson, Michael Keathley, Mark Lycan, Stephen Ofori, Charles Pauley, Joseph Pham, Amy Riffee, Bruce Riffle, Richard Rutherford, Eric Smith, Timothy Smith and Scott Wheeler for 25 years service; Don Alexander, Richard Berkes, Jr., Lea Bodmer, Kenneth Bumgardner, Clyde Campbell, Connie Conley, John Davis, Jr., Terrence Gallion, Ronald Huffman, Sandra King, Anna Kinker Virgil Langdon, Jr., Michael  Nield, Beverly Payne, Jimmy Roberts, Steven Shideler, Sharon Thomas, Johnny Uppole, Mark Wheeler and James Vassar for 30 years; James Ash, Domenico Chianesi, Kathy Cline, Paul Cook, Patricia Crites, Aaron Harris, David McClelland, Lester McCoy, Bradley McPherson

Richard L. Meadows, Coy Miller, Edward Nicklow, Keith Anne Nuckles, Richard Pingley, Roger Roy, James Shiner, Jr., Karla Smith, Dennis Teremi, Charles Thacker and Wesley Walker for 35 years service; Richard Drum, Thomas Leach and Clara Woody for 40 years service; Pamela  Lamblin for 45 years service; and Michael Spoor for 50 years service. In total this represents more than 2,120 years of service to our Nation.



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