Huntington District Announces Awards

Published March 4, 2016

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Today Col. Philip Secrist, Commander, Huntington District, presented awards for several significant achievements by members of the district at a Town Hall and Award Ceremony held at the Huntington City Hall Auditorium.

The 2015 Natural Resources Environmental Stewardship Employee of the Year is Audrea O’Quinn. As Natural Resources Specialist at John W. Flannagan Reservoir, she provided oversight of natural resources on an 8,274-acre project where she identified and monitored invasive species activities such as the southern pine beetle, gypsy moth, Didymo, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Japanese knotweed, and kudzu.  In 2014, she managed the Branham Farm wildlife area, re-opened hiking trails and developed a universally accessible bird-watching trail.  She also managed and monitored the threatened species Spiraea virginiana using the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service biological recovery plan. 

The Achievement Medal for Civilian Service was awarded to Rick Hammond for exceptional performance during Fiscal Year 2015 yearend closeout, as the Accounting Officer, Resource Management for the Huntington District.  Hammond’s expertise of accounting policies, procedures and regulations contributed to a successful closing of the financials. 

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Gregory Jones for his outstanding efforts and invaluable assistance in supporting the difficult tasks required to complete the endeavors of the Rivers Repair Fleet Action Team. 

The 2014 Special Emphasis Program District Office Woman of the Year is Allison Pack. She has been described as a leader to both supervisors and subordinates by encapsulating the theory of a 360 degree leader.  She is a highly effective navigation assistant who goes above and beyond expectations daily.  Her positive attitude reflects the Army values, as she assists and encourages others with tasks they are unfamiliar with. 

The Commander’s Award upon Retirement was presented to Carol Edlin. She is commended for over 28 years of dedicated service to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Edlin, Lake Project Assistant, has provided superior performance and support to the Huntington District, Big Sandy Area, as well as her coworkers during her career at Grayson Lake. Edlin’s administrative knowledge and dedication to quality have had a significant impact on Grayson Lake’s successful mission accomplishments. 

Leo Arbaugh, Randy Campbell, Adam Gaskin, C. J. Hamilton, David Humphreys, Wyatt Kmen, Jason Ritter, Jay Van Hoose received the Army Unit Award Pin for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts for their work during October 29, 2012 to May 31, 2013.  During their mission, the unit demonstrated superior performance by delivering rapid and timely expeditionary engineering projects and services.  By utilizing extensive knowledge and substantial experience in emergency response and recovery in their workforce, the unit aggressively pursed and resolved innumerable political issues and led the interagency efforts to reorganize, prioritize and execute emergency response and recovery actions with the greatest of efficiency. 

The Commander’s Coin for Excellence was presented to Evan Dailey, Paul Belcher, Kevin Davis, Christopher Dennison and Kathy Lovins.

Numerous district employees were recognized for their length of service. Their achievement was recognized with a certificate and lapel pin denoting years of service achieved.

For 20 years of service: Kimberly Bacon, Christopher Clinton, David Conley, Peter Dodgion, Sandra Hardwick, William McNabb, John Paxton, David Rexroad, Stormie Roberts,  Dale Smith, Daniel Stark, Robert Vanhoy and Gary Walker.

For 25 years of service: William Adkins, Leo Arbaugh, Tom Baker, Donna Dickson, Steve Hann, James Hill, Kevin Obsorne, Rebecca Rutherford, Karen Simmons and Darin White.

For 30 years of service: Robert Cifranic, Kimberly Courts-Brown, Kristina Goff, William Fusselman, Todd Milnes, Darla Pack and Owen Pemberton.

For 35 years of service: Kenneth Clemons, Karen Miller, John Nichol, Linda Plumley, Alicia Scruggs and Joseph Trimboli.

For 40 years of service: David Eskridge, Christine Fonda and James Hosta.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, through its military and civil works programs, is known as the Nation’s engineer. Our national leaders have looked to Army engineers to map the Nation, develop its rivers and harbors for navigation, survey early road and canal routes, provide leadership to construct the Panama Canal, control flooding, respond to natural disasters and protect our wetlands. The Huntington District is one of 43 Corps Districts worldwide. It is responsible for navigation on 311 miles of the Ohio River, along with 101 miles of the tributary rivers Big Sandy, Kanawha and Elk within drainage basins that flow into the Ohio River. In all, the District encompasses 45,000 square miles in parts of five states, including West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.

The District has built and maintains 35 flood control dams, 31 with reservoirs and 4 that impound water only during high water events (dry dam), more than any other district in the Corps. Since their construction our flood control dams and our floodwalls, levees and stream improvement projects have prevented $12.2 billion in flood damages to the area served by the District.

The Huntington District employs around 750 people, 147 of whom have deployed to Overseas Contingency Operations and many more for disaster relief operations since 2003. Currently, one is deployed to Afghanistan.

The Huntington District is the home of as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dam Safety Modification Mandatory Center of Expertise (DSMMCX) to provide technical advice, oversight, review and production capability for dam safety modification projects nation-wide which are under the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  And the Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation Risk Informed Economics Division (PCXIN-RED) which handles the coordination of technical and external reviews of Inland Navigation studies and USACE reports submitted for Congressional authorization. PCXIN-RED supports the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC) in data collection and analysis for the ORS and Great Lakes that also serves as key reviewers of Lock Performance Monitoring System (LPMS) data to ensure quality data.  We use those 2 primary data sources to develop Forecasts, Waterway Transportation Rates, and Vessel Operating Costs that support Inland Navigation Economic modeling and studies.


For more information, you may contact the Huntington District Public Affairs Office at 304-399-5353.

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