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  • June

    Sutton Rake the Lake

    Rake the Lake at Sutton Lake on Saturday, June 5, was a huge success!! We had 56 volunteers, collected over 198 pounds of litter, 6 tires were collected, 45 miles of river and stream cleaned, 4 miles of trails cleaned, and 20 acres of park cleaned.
  • May

    Bluestone Partnership Meeting

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District participated in a partnership meeting with Brayman Construction Company and leaders within the City of Hinton to review and discuss the progress of Bluestone Dam Safety Assurance Phase 5. The purpose of this meeting was to give all parties involved a chance to meet face-to-face and discuss issues or concerns they might have as the team moves forward with Phase 5.
  • Engineering and Construction Leading Change Challenge

    Colonel Evers presented awards to members of the Engineering and Construction for their accomplishments in the EC Leading Change Challenge.
  • DCG and ASA Visit Huntington District

    Jaime Pinkham, Acting, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, and Major General William (Butch) H. Graham, Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations, made a visit to the USACE Huntington District in order to take informative tours of Bluestone Dam, Marmet Locks and Dam and the Marietta Repair Station.
  • LTG Spellman Visits Bluestone Dam

    LTG Scott Spellmon, 55th Chief of Engineers, visited Huntington District’s Bluestone Dam near Hinton, W. Va. to be updated on the Phase 5 Bluestone Safety Modification Project. As part of the update he was able to see firsthand the successes the district has had with safely integrating project operations with the construction project as well as the collaborative efforts of the Dam Safety Mandatory Center of Expertise in the design and construction. The lessons learned in this process have been shared across the entire enterprise.
  • April

    Bulltown Historical Association

    The BHA was founded in 2019 by a group of civil war reenactors, their families and friends, with a common goal to educate the public and promote the history of the area. In 2020, in the peak of the Corona Virus National Pandemic, they were able to join with the Burnsville Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers to form a Cooperative Association. This type of an association grants the BHA organization special privileges that allow them to operate on U.S. Army Corps of Engineer property. The BHA works hand in hand with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to preserve and enhance the Bulltown Historical Area in the community of Napier, WV, which is commonly known as Bulltown.
  • Sutton Lake Trails

    The Sutton Lake Project has many trails in the woodlands of central West Virginia.  Many of the trails are located near the Sutton Dam, and northeast in the Gerald R. Freeman campground there are additional hiking adventure trails. Before starting your hike, be sure and check out West Virginia’s native plant species in our new pollinator garden located near Sutton Dam.
  • "I Got Caught" Wearing My Life Jacket!

    Rangers will be on the look out for adults wearing their life jackets when they are in or around water. If an adult is caught wearing their life jacket, we might give them a beach towel, provided by the Corps Foundation, as a reward for wearing their life jacket!
  • March

    Star of Life Award

    During a recent visit Fishtrap Lake Colonel Evers presented the Star of Life Award to Ranger Larry McGaughy for his actions to save the life of a man who was boating at the lake. He is the only recipient of the Star of Life Award within LRD this past year.
  • Women's History Month—WOMEN and STEM

    The US Army Corps of Engineers provides many STEM opportunities, and we would like to recognize the women in these positions.
  • Native Pollinator Garden at Sutton Lake

    Pollinators and plants are inextricably linked.  A population decline of one would result in a population decline of the other. For that reason, Sutton Lake in Sutton, WV, has formed a partnership with a local garden club to create a native pollinator garden featuring plant species native to West Virginia.
  • February

    Life Jacket Loaner Station

    A life jacket is essential gear near or around water and is used for keeping a person afloat.  The Sutton Lake Project received Sea Tow Foundation Life Jackets for the 2020 boating season and built a Life Jacket Loaner Station.  The Sutton Lake Life Jacket Loaner Station was placed at Bee Run beach area to be available to anyone needing a life jacket. 
  • January

    Sutton lake: What is Corps Boundary?

    Sutton Corps property is government owned land that was purchased by the Federal Government for lands needed for flood control, recreation, water quality, fish and wildlife supply, and water supply. Clearly identified property lines are crucial in the protection of our public lands and a clearly marked boundary also reduces the risk of having a trespass and/or encroachment.
  • October

    Congresswoman Carol Miller Update

    Colonel Jason Evers, Mike Keathley and Susan Porter provided Congresswoman Carol Miller an update to the Huntington District Civil Works and Regulatory Programs for West Virginia following the Water Street Section 14 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
  • Water Street Section 14 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Recently the Huntington District hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrating the completion of the
  • Chippewa Lake Amusement Park Wetlands Restoration

    ​Colonel Jason Evers, Mike Keathley, and Lee Robinette travelled to Medina, Ohio to meet with Congressman Anthony Gonzales and the Director of the Medina County Park District (MCPD), Nate Eppink to discuss wetlands restoration and algal bloom mitigation at the old Chippewa Lake Amusement Park.
  • Oregon Wildfires Temporary Housing Mission

    Jason Ritter, Randy Campbell, Mike Johnson, Steve Caldwell and Cecil Cox have deployed to support wildfire recovery efforts in Oregon supporting the Portland District. FEMA Region X approved 3 counties in Oregon for a temporary housing mission. Wildfires have displaced nearly 800 families who are eligible for federal assistance.
  • Ripley PPA Signing

    The City of Ripley, WV, celebrated the signing of a Project Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for a Section 571 Environmental Infrastructure water and wastewater project.
  • September

    Dillon Lake Water Safety

    US Army Corps of Engineer Rangers have had to be quite creative during the pandemic. Especially with teaching water safety to both young and old. We’ve been used to visiting schools, libraries, fairs, and other events every year; handing out water safety items, talking one on one about the best life jacket for their kids, and conducting water safety programs. Unfortunately, this all went south due to COVID-19. Social distancing was the main practice. I’ve seen some great ideas crop up though since April.
  • First temporary ‘Blue Roof’ a success

    “The governor happened to have a news conference and my wife said, well what about the blue roofs?” Duhon said. “She gave me the information and I got online and registered and here we are today.” The purpose of the program is to provide homeowners in disaster areas with fiber-reinforced sheeting to cover damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made. The deadline to sign up for the Blue Roof Program is Sept. 21. Don't wait!