• September

    Huntington District Leadership Development Program Level II Graduation

    The Huntington District celebrated the graduation of this year’s Leadership Development Program, Level II. The ceremony marked the completion of a year’s work that serves to develop future leaders in the district. This year’s class also included a member from one of our partners, the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.
  • August

    Heroes of the Month

    Locally heavy rainfalls totaling over 6 inches fell in the lower Big Sandy Area at locations in southeast Kentucky and Western Virginia July 26-28.  Just two weeks early Buchanan County, VA had received over 7 inches of rain in three hours resulting in significant flooding at Fishtrap Lake. This current rainfall event resulted in additional heavy flash flooding throughout the region, include flooding Corps of Engineers Campgrounds at Dewey and Fishtrap Lakes in Kentucky and John W. Flannagan Dam and Reservoir in Virginia.  The USFS Campground at North Fork of Pound River Lake also flooded.
  • BG Peeples Visit Portsmouth Local Protection Project

    BG Kimberly Peeples, Commanding General, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division visits the Portsmouth, Ohio Local Protection Project on her first stop of her visit to the Huntington District. This gave her the opportunity to see firsthand, the importance of this project and the fruits of the success of the levee safety program.
  • July

    Hero of the Month

    Jonathan “Jay” Aya-ay is LRH’s Chief of Planning Branch in Planning, Programs, and Project Management Division. He is currently acting as Chicago District’s Deputy District Engineer for Project Management. While traveling back to his hotel from dinner one night while in Chicago for the Corps-wide Planning Chiefs meeting, he encountered an intoxicated man lying on an escalator to the subway.
  • East Lynn Recovery Team Recognized

    Colonel Putnam awarded the Commanders Award to the East Lynn Recovery Team for their exemplary contributions during the recent flooding event and campground slip during May of 2022.
  • June

    Hero of the month

    William “Cote” Womack is a Natural Resource Specialist Ranger here at Summersville Lake and was selected to be the June hero of the Month for the US Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District!
  • May

    Sutton Lake Chestnut Orchard

    The Sutton Lake Project partnered with the American Chestnut Foundation and GSC to plant American Chestnut trees. Thirty-six seedings were planted at our new Chestnut orchard.
  • Small Business Conference

    The 9th annual Small Business Conference hosted by the Huntington Post SAME and USACE Huntington took place at the Mountain Health Arena on May 4, 2022.
  • Flannagan Lake Cleanup

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at John W. Flannagan Lake is committed to keeping the lake clean and safe year round. Our maintenance staff tirelessly tackled the major task of removing debris from the lake while the water levels continue to rise and fall.
  • Grayson Lake Nature Hike

    Park Ranger’s, Justine Smith and Alice Hall, hosted an interpretive nature hike with 140 Kindergartener’s from Russell Independent Schools. Children learned the importance of environmental stewardship through ‘Leave No Trace for Every Kid’ Principles.
  • Burnsville Lake Cleanup

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Burnsville Lake is committed to keeping the lake clean and safe. This winter, Maintenance Mechanic Jason Meadows, along with employees of the maintenance contractor, Misfit Landscaping, tackled the major task of removing debris from the lake while the water level was at winter pool. The Burnsville Lake crew removes drift every year, but this cleanup was extremely needed.
  • April

    Army Corps of Engineers reminds visitors to practice water safety

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – As millions of Americans plan visits to our nation’s lakes and rivers, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reminds visitors of the importance of practicing safe, sensible, and thoughtful activities in, on, and around open water.
  • Hero of the Month

    Brian Edgar is a Maintenance Mechanic at Piedmont Dam. Brian has gone above and beyond in his Maintenance and Flood Control duties and responsibilities. Brian has been the only maintenance worker at Piedmont Dam since November of 2021.
  • Dusty Carroll Wins Prestigious Award

    Keith “Dusty” Carroll has been awarded the Ron Keeling Programming Excellence Award for his work in the Huntington District. The Ron Keeling Award is given annually to one individual for his or her role in the Programs and Project Management Community of Practice in the Great Lakes and Ohio Rivers Division (LRD). Mr. Keith “Dusty” Carroll is recognized for his exemplary contributions to the Civil Works Program within the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division. Mr. Carroll embodies the Army values while faithfully executing his duties and investing in others as a servant leader.
  • Ryan Mayo Receives Commander's Award

    Ryan Mayo is being recognized for his exemplary contributions to the Civil Works Program within the Huntington District. Mr. Mayo embodies the essence of the Agency’s mission of delivering innovative engineering solutions to energize the economy and reduce disaster risk.
  • March

    Major General William Crane Visits Bluestone Dam

    Major General William Crane, WV National Guard, visit Bluestone Dam on March 16 to tour the dam and visit with the project staff. The WV National Guard assisted in helping USACE Command Sergeant Major Patrickson Toussaint travel to multiple projects during the CSM's short visit to the Huntington District.
  • USACE Command Sergeant Major Visits Huntington

    Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Patrickson Toussaint, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Command Sergeant Major recently visited the Huntington District. During his visit he focused his time on speaking directly with the workforce of Bluestone Dam, Winfield Locks and Dam and Marietta Repair Station
  • The Corps Environment – February 2022 issue now available

    The February 2022 edition of The Corps Environment is now available! This edition highlights fostering sustainability as a way of life, in support of Environmental Operating Principle #1. Content includes commentary from  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Director of Military Programs, Dr. Christine Altendorf, and USACE Director of  Civil Works, Mr. Al Lee, discussing our collective climate change adaption and mitigation efforts. This issue also features initiatives from across the Army environmental community that are helping to shape a sustainable environment for current and future generations.
  • February

    Flannagan Lake goes into deep drawdown

    John W. Flannagan Lake is performing a deep drawdown in order to perform inspections and maintenance on the dam.
  • Huntington District Dam Safety

    This video will familiarize you with the functions of Huntington District's Dam Safety Program. Our