RD Bailey Maintenance Crew Saves the Day

Published May 23, 2017

Two Pre-K classes from Berlin McKinney Elementary School had a visit planned to RDB which included a Water Safety Program and a tour of the Dam and Intake Structure. This event has been conducted annually for the past 10 years. The Water Safety Program was conducted inside the Visitor Center and just as the program was concluding, several bands of strong thunder storms started moving into the area. The two classes had already planned to eat lunch across from the Visitor Center at Shelter #3 and had ordered the food to be catered the day before.

At the time Maintenance staff had begun returning to the Maintenance Building for lunch since the day was beginning to look like a wash out. Not wanting to put visitors at risk nor cancel the luncheon, the maintenance crew quickly child proofed the shop and set up tables and chairs to accommodate the visitors. There were an estimated 50+ children and parents.