Dover Dam Days Virtual Tour ​

Published April 29, 2020

Visitors look forward to the annual tours of Dover Dam in May, but this year the public visits are canceled because of the COVID-19 restrictions – but the rangers aren't going to let that shut down the event.

Upper Tuscarawas Ranger Grace Trimble is using technology – and lots of project photo – to create a “Virtual Tour" of Dover Dam that will be available to visitors to the Muskingum Area Facebook page.

Operations Manager Jean Siedel said, “Trimble is working with a national team of rangers to create daily posts on Facebook with weekly themes. Last week was Earth Day and this week is Dam Week."

Now she's working on an online tour of the dam, and on Friday, May 1, 2020, it will be posted on the Muskingum Area's Facebook page. 

Natural Resource Specialist Grace Trimble said, “I am creating the tour, and Erik Gore and I took 360 photos of Dover Dam last week and will post them with some history and dam facts for people to enjoy."

You can visit the Muskingum Area's Facebook page at this link:

It's the next best thing to a visit to the location