A Change for Castle Comments

Public Affairs Office
Published Sept. 17, 2014

The Huntington District newsletter Castle Comments has gone through some drastic changes over the years, but perhaps none more so that the one it faces after the issue you’re now holding.

That’s because the regular print edition is being replaced by an electronic edition - with one exception.

There will be a special year-in-review edition of the newsletter that will still be printed the traditional way and distributed to our mailing list.

So why is the print edition being phased out? The simple answer is: money.

The cost of printing copies has continued to skyrocket in recent years, and in these times of reduced budgets and cost awareness, we have to do our part - and cutting out the print edition will save thousands of dollars each year.

Because computers are common today, we’ll use that method - and the Internet - to continue the 58-year tradition of Castle Comments.

In August, we’ll present a new electronic version of the newsletter, and it’ll be available on the Huntington District website - www.lrh.usace.army.mil - so it’ll be accessible to employees and retirees alike.

We’ve resisted the move to an electronic version in the past - mostly - because of our retirees. Many of them didn’t have access to computers, so we continued the traditional print version.

One of the good things about going electronic is that it will allow us to be much more timely - we can post stories and photos as they arrive on the website (as well as sharing them on Facebook).

We’ll also collect the stories from each month into a more traditional format, and that will also be posted on the website, along with past issues.

As always, we depend on you, our readers, for help - please send along any stories, photos or story ideas to the Public Affairs office, and we’ll use them to tell the story of the Corps.

Castle Comments has a long, proud tradition, starting when it was created by Ginevra Tidman in 1956. She carried on the tradition for a remarkable 33 years!

In the 25 years since, eight other editors have guided the magazine (so her record’s not going to be broken anytime soon).

In the first issue, Tidman wrote: "...we are glad to be on hand and sincerely hope to afford some pleasure to you, to bind all of us more closely together through the medium of the printed word.  "We hope to make you all better acquainted with your Huntington Dist(rict), Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. "You, then, can be our spokesman, and help us tell the public about our many activities, both civil and military." Like everything, the newsletter has to grow and change with the times.

While the look and format may change (sometimes drastically) - the goal, to inform and educate the employees of the Huntington District, will always be our mission.