Bolivar Stands Tall

Published Aug. 27, 2014
Federal, state and local officials take part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Bolivar Dam seepage barrier.

Federal, state and local officials take part in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Bolivar Dam seepage barrier.

The Huntington District hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the Bolivar Dam seepage barrier in Bolivar, Ohio, on Aug. 27, 2014, to mark the beginning of the construction that is designed to limit seepage under and around the dam.

It’s part of the efforts to reduce risk as part of the Dam Safety Assurance Program. The $4.3 million project will begin in earnest and is expected to be complete within the next four years.

The groundbreaking ceremony included speeches by local and national level elected officials and by District Commander Col. Leon Parrott.

After the formal portion of the groundbreaking, Col. Steven Roemhildt, Commander, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, took a moment to recognize the members of the Bolivar Project Delivery Team (PDT) who were present for their selection as the USACE 2014 Project Delivery Team of the Year.

The Bolivar PDT was recognized for delivering a quality product on an aggressive timeline and within budget while meeting commitments to customers and stakeholders alike. The PDT demonstrated the principles of the Project Management Business Process through its collaborative and participative approach to executing the Project Management Plan, implementing integrated risk management practices and incorporating best practices and lessons learned from other projects.

The entire team that earned the USACE 2014 Project Delivery Team of the Year includes: Ken Woodard, P.E., PMP, Project Manager (2013-to present); Stephen Porter, Interim Project Manager (2012); Mike Keathley, P.E., P.S., Former Project Manager (2012-2013); Rodney Cremeans, P.E., Former Project Manager (2011); Boris Slogar, Muskingum Watershed Conservatory Chief Engineer; Jim Cugliari, Muskingum Watershed Conservatory Chief Financial Officer; Jeff Yost, P.E., Lead Engineer; Jami Buchanan, Plan Formulation/Economist; Brian Lowe, P.E., Engineering Manager; Elizabeth Cooper, Realty Specialist; Erin Bradley, CAP Contract Specialist; Rick Horton, CAP, Contracting Officer; Tom Leach, Muskingum Area Manager; Doretta McComas, Project Analyst (2013-to present); Jan Mayes-Conner, Former Project Analyst (2012-2013); Travis Wilson, Program Analyst; Dusty Carroll, Project Controls Specialist; Adam Scarberry, Project Controls Specialist; Kevin Nelson, Civil Engineer; John Simpkins, Civil Engineer; Mike Rist, Lead Engineering Technician; John Johnson, Engineering Technician; George Madison, Engineering Technician; Aaron Cartwright, Engineering Technician; Brian Maka, Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist; Mike Nield, P.G., Geologist; Anthony Paschall, Geologist; Dustin Sawyers, P.E., CCE, Cost Engineer; Brian Clouse, Cost Engineer; Matt Gibson, Hydraulic Engineer; Pedro Luciano, P.E., Structural Engineer; Mike Stickler, Dam Safety; Erich Guy, PhD, P.G., Geotechnical Engineer; Seth Lyle, P.E., Geotechnical Engineer; Matt Folk, P.E., Resident Engineer; Jeff Rakes, Instrumentation Technician; Aaron Smith, RPA, Archeologist; Andrew Johnson, Wildlife Biologist; Dan Stark, P.G., Geologist; Anthony Cremeans, Mechanical Engineer; Tyler Lester, Mechanical Engineer; Greg Gilkison, Electrical Engineer; Evan Dailey, R.A., Architect; Alicia Scruggs, Civil Engineering Technician; Rebecca Fulks, Engineering Technician; Bradley Stark, Esq, Attorney-Advisor; Greg Fosson, Civil Engineering Technician; Cheryl Fitzwater, CAP, Supervisory Contract Specialist; Alex Neal, Geotechnical Engineer; Mack McCarty, P.S., Land Surveyor; Paul Dean, Civil Engineer; Jim Vassar, Civil Engineer; Sean Carter, P.E., Chief Dam and Levee Safety; Marcia Thompson, Maintenance Worker; Travis Fishley, Maintenance Worker; Joe McCallister, P.E., Civil Engineer; Jason Freeman, P.E., Civil Engineer; Brian Ball, P.E., Civil Engineer; Adam Burcham, Civil Technician; Willie Williams, Esq, General Attorney; Gary Baxter, Realty Specialist; Mike Lawrence, Construction; Terry Gallion, Construction; Mark Wheeler, Construction; Jonathan West, Construction; Maj. Edward Custer, Construction; Jeff Morris, Operations; Stephen Caldwell, P.S., Surveying; Dana Moses, P.E., PMP, CFM, CPH, Hydraulic Engineer; Jeff Maynard, P.E., Structural Engineer; Georgette Hlepas, PhD, Geotechnical Engineer; Dwayne Unrue, Civil Engineering Technician; Joshua Bruce, Civil Engineer; Gregory Fosson, Civil Engineering Technician; Andrew Keffer, Civil Engineer; Keith Ward, Mechanical Engineer; Patrick Luff, Structural Engineer; Rodney Sparks, Mechanical Engineering Technician; Kenneth Halstead, Hydraulic Engineer; David Sullivan, Structural Engineer; Stephen Spoor, Civil Engineering Technician; Matt Wilson, Contract Specialist; Sharanna Romans, PMP, Project Controls; Jeremy Miller, Architectural Technician; Janet Wolfe, Chemist; Anthony Estep, Computer Specialist; Susan Stafford, Archeologist; Jeremy Kudlak, Civil Engineering Technician; Michael Koon, Mapping; Denise Napier, Accountant; and Melissa Boyd, Value Engineering.

"Whenever I travel somewhere and see a shopping mall or business I say to myself, somebody built that," said Col. Roemhildt, "but when I travel somewhere like Bolivar Dam I’m reminded that we… you, are building a nation."