National Hunting & Fishing Day

Published Sept. 27, 2014

Approximately 13,000 hunting and fishing enthusiasts converged on the grounds of the Stonewall Resort State Park on Sept. 27 and 28, 2014, for the 18th annual National Hunting and Fishing Days Celebrations.

The event was made possible by a partnership between Stonewall Jackson and Burnsville Lakes and is sponsored by the West Virginia Wildlife Federation and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

Those organizations have partnered with the Corps since the celebration began.

The two-day event encourages all ages to learn about the outdoors through responsible hunting and fi shing practices and techniques.

Among the events offered during the show were the 3-D archery competition, outdoor youth challenge, wildlife painting for kids, ri fl e shooting, raptor seminars, fly fishing demos, fi sh fi lleting demo, shotgun exhibition shooter presentation, archery exhibition shooter presentation, deer fi eld dressing and game skinning demo, live fi sh displays, and educational exhibits.

This event creates a great opportunity for the Pittsburgh and Huntington Districts to partner as a team to serve the public. This year marked the 15th that the two projects partnered for the event.

Not many are aware that the Stonewall and Burnsville properties are actually connected, thanks to a 10-mile hiking trail that was the historic 19th century Weston & Gauley Bridge Turnpike. The land was purchased to assure that the history of the trail would be preserved.

Stonewall team members were Ranger Christina Fox, Student Ranger Carly Heatherly, Resource Manager Jeff Toler , Stonewall volunteer Doug Dinkelo, and Kit Tressler. Representing Burnsville was Ranger Ben Coulter and Burnsville volunteer Peggy Dawson.

The projects teamed up to create a display exhibit and information area and provide a water safety programming station, which included the project’s patrol boat as a backdrop.

Also, Bobber the Water Safety Dog made numerous appearances. He posed for photos with kids and adults - everyone wanted to meet Bobber.

This year’s water safety programming was at record high numbers. A total of 102 Water Safety programs were conducted for more than 750 kids and adults, marking the most since the event started in 2007.