Regulatory on the River

Published Sept. 10, 2014
Regulatory on the River

Regulatory on the River

As part of a three-day meeting to discuss issues and share innovative practices, Regulatory Project Managers from the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division (LRD) gathered on Sept. 10, 2014, to take a cruise on the Kanawha River.

But this wasn’t a pleasure cruise - it was a fl oating classroom.

Located on a barge connected to the “Laurel J,” a tow provided by Amherst Madison, the trip started at the Win fi eld Locks and Dam in Winfi eld, W.Va., moved upriver through the new lock chamber at the Marmet Locks and Dam in Belle, W.Va., and wrapped up several hours later at the London Locks and Dam in London, W.Va. - the uppermost lock on the Kanawha River.

It was a valuable experience for the group. Lee A. Robinette , Regulatory Project Manager, said, “I thought it would be very bene fi cial for the newer regulatory project managers as well as some of the more seasoned staff, who may not have river projects, to see fi rsthand some of the types of river activities that the Corps authorizes.”

Attendees took part in discussions and visual observations of several Regulatory-permitted and Planning bank stabilization and eco-restoration projects. Examples included work along Kanawha Boulevard in Charleston to stabilize 3500 feet of the river bank.

An in-depth discussion of the construction and mitigation for the Marmet lock chamber was included.

Huntington District representatives also discussed commercial navigation.

The 2014 LRD Regulatory Project Manager’s meeting was hosted by the Huntington District.

“The LRD project manager’s conference is held every one or two years. Five districts in LRD take turns hosting the conferences. The conferences provide a forum for The Project Managers take a seat on their floating classroom on a barge connect to the “Laurel J.” O ctober - December 2014 9 the LRD Regulatory project manager staff to discuss issues and share innovative practices,” according to Robinette.

Attendees were encouraged to share their district’s Regulatory initiatives and any lessons learned from their activities.

The goal of the meeting was to provide understanding of Regulatory regional and national issues and how they relate to a project manager’s day-to-day activities.

The discussions are designed to prevent potential problems due to improper understanding or implementation of Regulatory requirements, and it allowed project managers to share and discuss Regulatory initiatives as they happen within the LRD Districts.