Huntington’s Housing Team Deploys to Louisiana

Published Sept. 16, 2016

The first wave of help from the Huntington District has made its way to flood-damaged areas of Louisiana (near Baton Rouge) to help provide housing for those who lost their homes in the disaster.

That first group includes Housing Subject Matter Expert Wyatt Kmen, Resident Engineer Todd Newman, Quality Assurance Inspectors (QAs) Ron Saunders and Jim Rose, and Electrical Engineers Brian MacEachern and Mike Barbour. Joining them this week are QAs Bobby Angel and Steve Harris and Resident Engineer / Mission Manager Dennis Hughes.

The team works with FEMA to arrange housing, and it’s a real challenge. FEMA expects to need up to 2000 Housing Units to meet the demand.

It’s a big job because the team has to scout out locations for each housing unit (when possible, on property owned by the family whose home was damaged), and they must arrange for power, water, sewage and gas service.

To meet the demand, Emergency Management hopes to line up 10 additional QAs to sign up for a 30-day assignment and help with the effort.