Tag: Task Force Power
  • February

    Huntington District Unmanned Aerial System Support to Task Force Power

    The Huntington District has deployed an Unmanned Aerial System team in support of Task Force Power to assess the damage to electric transmission and distribution lines in remote areas where access is limited by the steep and densely vegetated terrain. The team utilizes the Lockheed Martin Indago 2 Unit with the ION HD Inspection Payload with a 30X Optical Zoom. In addition to real time video feed to the hand control unit, it also possess the ability to stream video to secure internet links based on the availability of high speed cellular in that location.
  • January

    Task Force Power QA of the Week

    Task Force Power's Ceiba Area Office in Puerto Rico has recognized Anthony Huffman, Lock and Dam Operator from our Operations and Readiness Division, Racine, as its Ceiba Area Office's "QA of the Week" for the period 7-13 January 2018. Anthony serves as an Emergency Power QA (Quality Assurance) Representative.