Tag: Alum Creek Lake
  • June

    Alum Creek Lake Named LRD Water Safety Award Winner

    For the past year the ranger and maintenance staff at Alum Creek Lake has continued to set a high standard for water and boating safety education and promotion in the Huntington District. Alum Creek Lake is located in Delaware County, Ohio, north of the City of Columbus between I-71 and US 23. Alum Creek flows south joining Big Walnut Creek, in southeast Columbus, which joins the Scioto River. In addition to Flood Risk Management, Alum Creek Lake supplies water to the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio. Other benefits of the lake project are recreation, fish and wildlife management, and downstream water quality. The majority of the lake property is leased to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to operate as a State Park. The Corps of Engineers manages and operates a Visitor Center and the Below Dam Recreation Area, as well as the dam.
  • September

    Water Safety Awards

    Alum Creek Lake employees Melissa Longshore, SCA intern (left), and Nicholas Spalsbury, Water Safety Ranger, each received employee safety awards for their contributions to water and boating safety programs during the 2014 recreation season. Over 15,000 direct contacts have been made through education programs, fair and event exhibits, parades, and visitor assistance patrols. (Photo by Robert J. Wattenschaidt)