Tag: R3F
  • June

    ​R3F Heavy Capacity Fleet Supports Markland Lock (LRL)

    ​The Heavy Capacity Fleet Unit (HCF) completed work ahead of schedule at Greenup Locks and Dam (LRH) and arrived safely at Louisville Repair Station (LRS) on 02 June 2020. While the fleet was on its return trip from Greenup, a small land based crew mobilized to Markland Locks and Dam (LRL) to change out upper emergency gate cables in the Auxiliary Chamber.
  • August

    Congressional Visit to Willow Island

    Congressman Bill Johnson visited Willow Island Locks and Dam in order to get updated on the maintenance being performed by the Regional Rivers Repair Fleet (R3F). He was very appreciative of the invitation and has a better understanding of the importance of our infrastructure and its support to the regional and national economy.