Tag: environmental
  • March

    Water Quality Intensive Surveys

    Christy Stefanides,Thaddaeus Tuggle, and Kamryn Tufts, collected water chemistry samples in the tail waters and inflows of Tappan, R. D. Bailey, Clendening, and Piedmont Lakes.
  • November

    Burnsville Lake Bryozoans

    Have you ever noticed a mass similar to the one pictured below in Burnsville Lake? These are commonly mistaken for fish eggs, but they are actually a colony of microscopic aquatic organisms, Bryozoans.
  • September

    Water Quality Intensive Surveys

    Steve Foster, Kamryn Tufts, Andy Johnson, Emma Kist, Christy Stefanides, and Thaddaeus Tuggle, Huntington District Water Quality, collected water chemistry and chlorophyll in the lake, tail waters, and inflows of Bluestone, Burnsville, Summersville, and Sutton Lakes.