Tag: Bulltown Historic Area
  • July

    Fleming House Volunteer

    This summer and last summer Tina Kurtz has volunteered at the Fleming House of the Bulltown Historic Area. Tina lives in Montana but has family here in West Virginia. During her visit last summer she found a calling to volunteer at the Fleming House. She met Interpretive Ranger Lisa Hess and they have since developed a unique attraction for visitors to the Bulltown Campground and Burnsville Lake area.
  • August

    The Civil War, Pioneer, and Outdoor Show

    The Civil War, Pioneer, and Outdoor Show took place at the Bulltown Historic Area.
  • April

    Lend A Hand For History Event

    Since 1996, the Civil War Trust has sponsored Park Day, an annual hands-on preservation event to help Civil War, Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 battlefields and historic sites take on maintenance projects.
  • July

    Heritage Day at Bulltown Historic Area

    The Heritage Day event was held at the Bulltown Historic Area on July 26, 2014. The event enjoyed great weather and included a wide variety of vendors, performers, exhibitors and visitors, with approximately 400 people in attendance.