Tag: Burnsville
  • October

    Equipping Others

    It takes a huge effort to oversee the Burnsville Lake project, but Resource Manager Richard Pingley wouldn't have it any other way. He takes great pride in this central West Virginia project so highly regarded for its well-maintained camping facilities, abundant water-based recreation, and its Bulltown Historic Area - the site of a famous Civil War battle listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • April

    Water Safety and Jr. Ranger Program at Burnsville

    Park Rangers Ben Coulter and Brandy Acord visited Burnsville Elementary, Sand Fork Elementary, and Glenville Elementary schools to lead their annual Water Safety and Junior Ranger programs. Their presentations covered topics such as park ranger duties, forestry, environmental conservation and water safety. They also conducted a Bulltown Historic Area tour as part of the Junior Ranger
  • September

    National Hunting & Fishing Day

    Approximately 13,000 hunting and fishing enthusiasts converged on the grounds of the Stonewall Resort State Park on Sept. 27 and 28, 2014, for the 18th annual National Hunting and Fishing Days Celebrations. The event was made possible by a partnership between Stonewall Jackson and Burnsville Lakes and is sponsored by the West Virginia Wildlife Federation and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.