Archive: October, 2016
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    Supporting Louisiana Flood Recovery

    Dennis Hughes and Todd Newman were part of a team that briefed Maj. Gen. Michael Wehr, Mississippi Valley Division, Commanding General, in the Deployable Tactical Operations System (DTOS) during his most recent on-site visit. The DTOS is located at the staging yard for Mobile Home Units that are being placed in support of flood recovery in Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Automated Underwater Vehicle

    Thad Tuggle from the Huntington District’s Water Resources Engineering Section deployed the EcoMapper Automated Underwater Vehicle to collect dissolved oxygen levels above and below the R.C. Byrd Lock and Dam. High dissolved oxygen levels can have a negative impact on aquatic life. The EcoMapper uses GPS and acoustic Doppler to track its location while measuring a full suite of water quality parameters at multiple depths through the water column.
  • The USACE Tommy Schmidt National Dam Safety Professional of the Year Award for 2016

    The USACE Tommy Schmidt National Dam Safety Professional of the Year Award for 2016 was presented to Dr. Georgette Hlepas (DSMMCX) on 19 October 2016 during the first quarter meeting of the USACE Dam Safety Steering Committee in Boston, MA. The award is given annually to one deemed to have made the most significant contribution nationally to the USACE Dam Safety Program. Dr. Hlepas' contributions were multi-faceted, but some key accomplishments include peer review of instrumentation and monitoring programs for many districts across USACE, development and delivery of the new PROSPECT Instrumentation and Monitoring Course, and Chairing the USACE national Dam and Levee Performance Monitoring Committee. The Award was presented by Dave Paul, HQUSACE Special Assistant for Dam Safety.
  • Equipping Others

    It takes a huge effort to oversee the Burnsville Lake project, but Resource Manager Richard Pingley wouldn't have it any other way. He takes great pride in this central West Virginia project so highly regarded for its well-maintained camping facilities, abundant water-based recreation, and its Bulltown Historic Area - the site of a famous Civil War battle listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • PCXIN-RED Economists Recognized

    The Planning Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation and Risk-Informed Economics Division (PCXIN-RED) recognized two Economists, Eric Singley and James Nowlin, for their outstanding performance on two priority projects, Brandon Road and the Inner Harbor Navigation Channel (IHNC).