Archive: December, 2016
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    Huntington District’s Medley discovers ERDC University opportunities

    The lure of hands-on involvement in research and lab work attracted Huntington District Geologist Erica Medley to apply for ERDC University, and both she and her district leaders were delighted when Medley joined the inaugural class to begin project work in August.
  • Brigadier General Mark Toy Visits Huntington

    Brig. Gen. Toy, Commanding General of the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division visited the Huntington District on November 30 and December 1 as the final stop of his initial tour of the division since taking command in late August.
  • New LRH Geospatial Capabilities

    The Huntington District recently integrated two new pieces of equipment into the Geospatial Equipment fleet to help further the options for product deliverable to the District and District partners. Both pieces of equipment were delivered near the end of FY16, however both have been placed into service on projects in support of the District Mission.