Archive: April, 2016
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    Water Safety and Jr. Ranger Program at Burnsville

    Park Rangers Ben Coulter and Brandy Acord visited Burnsville Elementary, Sand Fork Elementary, and Glenville Elementary schools to lead their annual Water Safety and Junior Ranger programs. Their presentations covered topics such as park ranger duties, forestry, environmental conservation and water safety. They also conducted a Bulltown Historic Area tour as part of the Junior Ranger
  • Bolivar Seepage Barrier

    Construction of the Bolivar Dam seepage barrier remains ahead of schedule, it is currently 90 percent complete. Members of the Huntington District staff had the rare opportunity to visually view a section of the seepage barrier when it was excavated to allow the construction of an adjacent panel at a lower elevation. The visual inspection confirmed that the construction methods are producing a high quality seepage barrier with uniform wall thickness and geometry.
  • 2016 Wallback Lake Youth Fishing Derby

    On April 16 Burnsville Lake Park Ranger Ben Coulter and Bobber the Water Safety Dog attended the 2016 Wallback Lake Youth Fishing Derby. The youth fishing event was a great opportunity to provide water safety information to several hundred children and their parents.