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  • September

    New Boston Ceremonial Groundbreaking

    Ceremonial groundbreaking for the Phase 3 project to replace an outdated Combined Sewer Overflow system with a modern system that separates sanitary sewer wastewater from storm water. This minimizes inflow/infiltration during large rain events, improves local water quality, and reduces maintenance costs associated with cleaning/repairing the old system. Funded through the Section 594 Program, total project costs are $1.33M ($1M Federal/$333K non-Federal)
  • National Flood Proofing Committee visits Ellicott City

    Members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Nonstructural Flood Proofing Committee visited Ellicott City, Maryland, Sept. 20, 2016, following a devastating flood in July 2016. The committee assists communities nationwide with nonstructural flood-risk management.
  • Huntington’s Housing Team Deploys to Louisiana

    The first wave of help from the Huntington District has made its way to flood-damaged areas of Louisiana (near Baton Rouge) to help provide housing for those who lost their homes in the disaster.
  • Greenup Construction—Congressional Visit

    The Greenup Locks and Dam, located on the Ohio River at Greenup, Kentucky, is one of the busiest locks in the Huntington District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. But maintenance work closed the main lock chamber since April 15, 2016, while crews removed -- and replaced - the massive miter gates at the downriver end of the lock. That can affect industry, causing barge traffic to slow down on the Ohio River -- and it brought a visit from Congressional representatives from three states -- Bill Johnson from Ohio's 6th District and Evan Jenkins from West Virginia's Third District as well as staff members from Senator Mitch McConnell's and Congressman Hal Rogers' of Kentucky offices.
  • Kids and Badges

    The Kids and Badges event was held in Circleville Ohio on September 10th 2016. Deer Creek Ranger Will Rutter, SCA Intern Nic Reisch, and Dillon Lake Park Ranger Bob Cifranic worked the event and made over 900 water safety contacts utilizing Corey, Bobber and Deer Creek Lake's water safety trailer.