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    RD Bailey

    This project was called the Justice Reservoir, during the planning stages. In 1965, Congress changed the name in honor of the late Judge R.D. Bailey, a lawyer, state senator, prosecuting attorney, and a leader in Wyoming County education. Judge Bailey also was circuit judge of Wyoming and Mingo counties during the bloody coal mine wars of the 1920's.
  • Ohio River Endangered Mussels

    Unknown to most people, the Ohio River is home to numerous species of freshwater mussels. Being little known does not mean that they are of little importance to our overall ecosystem. Freshwater mussels are not only an important food source for muskrats, waterfowl and fish but they can filter several gallons of water a day making them an important indicator of water quality.
  • Rangers Participate in the Bishop Backer Community Day

    Park Rangers from Alum Creek Lake and Delaware Lake participated in the Bishop Backer Community Day. OWU fans visited the booth to talk about boating and water safety and to discuss general questions about recreation around the lakes and the Corps mission. Corey the Safety Boat made his rounds reminding kids to learn to swim and wear a lifejacket.