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    Delaware Dam Painting

    On Thursday, June 29, staff and volunteers from Alum Creek Lake and the Columbus Sail & Power Squadron (both members of the Central Ohio Safe Boating Council) painted a water safety message on Delaware Dam. The dam has been painted every year since 2004, and 2017 is the 18th painting of the dam!
  • Waterways Section Ensures Navigation Channel is Cleared

    Brian Collins and Kent Browning of the Technical Support Branch's Waterways Section, aboard the Huntington District's 26 ft. survey boat, plan their route to survey the navigation channel after the demolition of piers from the old Ironton-Russell Bridge. The bridge was demolished once it was replaced by the new Oakley Collins Memorial Bridge that opened in November 2016.
  • Steel De Fleury Medal Presented

    At the annual Organization Day Picnic and Awards Ceremony Colonel Secrist awarded the Steel De Fluery Medal to Sekia M. Dalton, Brandon Scott, John Johnson and Ronald S. Payne for their outstanding contributions to the Huntington District and the Engineer Regiment.
  • Watauga Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Watauga Ribbon Cutting Ceremony- Section 206, Boone, NC. This aquatic ecosystem restoration project was constructed within approximately 3,700 feet of the South Fork of the New River.
  • Stakeholder Site Visit to Dolly sods

    Rick Meadows and Jason Ritter (LRH E&C) met with Chris Strovel (Field Representative-Senator Shelly Moore Capito) and Stephen Smoot (Second District-Congressman Alex Mooney) to give a tour and briefing of our projects in the WV Maneuver Area/Dolly Sods Wilderness.