Archive: September, 2017
  • September

    Regulatory Division Participates in Outdoor Adventure at R.D. Bailey Lake

    Cecil Cox and Aca Ramey of the Huntington District Regulatory Office attended the first Great Outdoor Adventures event, at R.D. Bailey Lake on September 30th 2017. In total it was estimated about 360 members of the public attended the event.
  • Water Quality Intensive Surveys

    Steve Foster, Kamryn Tufts, Andy Johnson, Emma Kist, Christy Stefanides, and Thaddaeus Tuggle, Huntington District Water Quality, collected water chemistry and chlorophyll in the lake, tail waters, and inflows of Bluestone, Burnsville, Summersville, and Sutton Lakes.
  • Student Conservation Association intern at R.D. Bailey Lake

    During the summer of 2017, R.D. Bailey Lake hosted its first ever Student Conservation Association (SCA) intern, Brady Shrader. He grew up thirty minutes from the project so right at home as he worked alongside park rangers. On a typical day, they conducted land and boat patrols, contacted visitors regarding safety concerns, assisted with water safety outreach programs, and created a live animal interpretive display for the visitor center.
  • Sutton Lake Honors Six Distinguished Volunteers

    During the Annual Sutton Lake Volunteer Picnic, Huntington District Deputy District Engineer LTC Miller recognized six volunteers for exceptional service. The volunteers, John and Joetta Johnson, Eugene and Karen Bender, Pam Roberts and Tony Adkins have served at Sutton Lake for many years and exemplify the Sutton Lake Volunteer Program. Each received a plaque and certificate.
  • Crooksville OH Groundbreaking

    Huntington District Deputy District Commander Lt. Col. Josh Miller joined city officials at the Village of Crooksville, Ohio, on Sept. 13, 2017, at a groundbreaking ceremony for its water system replacement project. Since January 2013 the Village of Crooksville has experienced 65 waterline breaks due to the aged system built in the 1920s, resulting in millions of gallons of water loss per month and numerous boil water advisories.