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  • October

    STEM Outreach

    Sarah Bailey, a science teacher at Buffalo Middle School in Wayne County, WV, received a STEM grant through the state of West Virginia this past year. The grant consisted of a project wind turbine project to help her students understand engineering design and construction. To assist and mentor her students she reached out to the USACE Huntington District for volunteers. Multiple engineers from various disciplines answered the call and have been mentoring via email exchange with groups of kids that were put into Science Inquiry Teams (SITs). The teams have sent their design summary for review and engineering staff preformed a review and responded with constructive comments.
  • Sutton Lake Biological Surveys

    Huntington District's Water Quality Team, EC-GW-W cooperated with the WV DNR, WV DEP, and the USFWS downstream of Sutton Lake on the Elk River to maximize opportunities related to the shutdown of the outflow for the scheduled PI. Flow was shut down at the dam in order to allow inspections of the tunnels and outlet structure by USACE personnel. Staff from the separate state and federal resource agencies worked together to conduct both fish surveys and mussel assessments downstream of the dam. The combination of the shutdown and the surveys drew a crowd and allowed a great opportunity for outreach to our stakeholders.
  • Cultivating Mussels

    Through a partnership between U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, mussels were cultivated in Burnsville Lake and Sutton Lake within West Virginia. In May, multiple cages were placed with fish infested with larval mussels within the lake.
  • Summersville Volunteers Recognized for 2016 Flood Recovery Efforts

    In late June 2016, Summersville Lake reached its 2nd highest pool of record in history. The drainage basin received nearly 5-7 inches of rain in less than a 12 hour period. The entire project was evacuated, including a corps managed campground, a concessionaire campground, marina, day use areas in only about 6 hours as the lake elevation climbed 42 feet in the next 48 hours.
  • Joint Inland Waterways Association Meeting

    Huntington District Operations team members participated in the Joint Inland Waterways Association meeting located in Marietta, Ohio. This meeting combines navigation industry representatives from the Huntington Waterways Association and the Pittsburgh Waterways Association.