Archive: March, 2021
  • March

    Star of Life Award

    During a recent visit Fishtrap Lake Colonel Evers presented the Star of Life Award to Ranger Larry McGaughy for his actions to save the life of a man who was boating at the lake. He is the only recipient of the Star of Life Award within LRD this past year.
  • Women's History Month—WOMEN and STEM

    The US Army Corps of Engineers provides many STEM opportunities, and we would like to recognize the women in these positions.
  • Native Pollinator Garden at Sutton Lake

    Pollinators and plants are inextricably linked.  A population decline of one would result in a population decline of the other. For that reason, Sutton Lake in Sutton, WV, has formed a partnership with a local garden club to create a native pollinator garden featuring plant species native to West Virginia.