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    Bulltown Historical Association

    The BHA was founded in 2019 by a group of civil war reenactors, their families and friends, with a common goal to educate the public and promote the history of the area. In 2020, in the peak of the Corona Virus National Pandemic, they were able to join with the Burnsville Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers to form a Cooperative Association. This type of an association grants the BHA organization special privileges that allow them to operate on U.S. Army Corps of Engineer property. The BHA works hand in hand with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to preserve and enhance the Bulltown Historical Area in the community of Napier, WV, which is commonly known as Bulltown.
  • Sutton Lake Trails

    The Sutton Lake Project has many trails in the woodlands of central West Virginia.  Many of the trails are located near the Sutton Dam, and northeast in the Gerald R. Freeman campground there are additional hiking adventure trails. Before starting your hike, be sure and check out West Virginia’s native plant species in our new pollinator garden located near Sutton Dam.
  • "I Got Caught" Wearing My Life Jacket!

    Rangers will be on the look out for adults wearing their life jackets when they are in or around water. If an adult is caught wearing their life jacket, we might give them a beach towel, provided by the Corps Foundation, as a reward for wearing their life jacket!