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  • August

    Heroes of the Month

    Locally heavy rainfalls totaling over 6 inches fell in the lower Big Sandy Area at locations in southeast Kentucky and Western Virginia July 26-28.  Just two weeks early Buchanan County, VA had received over 7 inches of rain in three hours resulting in significant flooding at Fishtrap Lake. This current rainfall event resulted in additional heavy flash flooding throughout the region, include flooding Corps of Engineers Campgrounds at Dewey and Fishtrap Lakes in Kentucky and John W. Flannagan Dam and Reservoir in Virginia.  The USFS Campground at North Fork of Pound River Lake also flooded.
  • BG Peeples Visit Portsmouth Local Protection Project

    BG Kimberly Peeples, Commanding General, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division visits the Portsmouth, Ohio Local Protection Project on her first stop of her visit to the Huntington District. This gave her the opportunity to see firsthand, the importance of this project and the fruits of the success of the levee safety program.