Archive: July, 2023
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    Saving Lives is Fun at Burnsville Lake!

    Saving Lives is Fun at Burnsville Lake! On Friday, July 28th Burnsville Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers and Bobber the Water Safety hosted a Water Safety Event that was fun and educational for all ages!
  • USACE Emergency Responders in Vermont

    USACE Infrastructure Assessment team members who are mission assigned by FEMA, supported the State of Vermont by assessing the damage to wastewater treatment plants. The USACE team will then provide FEMA and the state of Vermont with the assessment reports and recommendations for necessary repairs to restore operations at the treatment plants.
  • Bluebird Boxes

    Kids at Lower Twin Campground built their own bluebird boxes and they did an excellent job!!!! This was a learning opportunity that continues when they hang their boxes and get to watch birds move in. Thank you, Ranger Autumn Elliott and Volunteers Scottie and Michelle Owens for making this event great for these kids
  • Flannagan Drift Removal

    This group of guys are spending their summer before college working for our contractor to remove drift from the lake.
  • Annual Maintenance Bulkhead Exercise

    While conducting the annual maintenance bulkhead exercise, access across Sutton Dam to the Jerimiah Carpenter hiking trail was closed. This important exercise enables staff the opportunity to maintain a state of readiness and to test the various pieces of equipment and steps required to complete the process.