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Project Description

Project Description: Under the Section 205 authority, the Corps will evaluate structural and nonstructural alternatives to reduce flood damages along Hoods Creek.

Project Location: The proposed project is located along the lower two miles of Hoods Creek in Boyd County just west of Ashland, Kentucky in the community of Flatwoods.

Points of Emphasis

  • Repetitive flooding to residential and commercial structures
  • Residents stranded in homes during flood events
  • Initiated feasibility planning under Section 205 

Project Name in Appropriations Bill: Hoods Creek, KY

Authorization: Flood Control Act of 1948 (P.L. 80-858), Section 205, as amended.

Project Sponsor: Boyd County Fiscal Court

Project Stakeholders: Boyd County Fiscal Court; residents and businesses along Hoods Creek
Project Background: Concerned citizens and local representatives have contacted the Corps numerous times regarding flooding along Hoods Creek. Several residential and commercial structures flood annually, and during 2003, many homes were impacted by multiple floods. A letter of intent dated May 28, 2003 was received from the Boyd County Judge Executive requesting the Corps study the problem and recommend solutions.

Project Status: The Corps has reviewed data received from the local sponsor to determine the number of homes impacted by flooding, frequency of flooding, and the economic feasibility of a project. Studies were completed regarding the hydraulics and hydrology of the area to determine possible solutions, such as re-sizing existing culverts, removal of stream blockages, and/or flood proofing homes. Feasibility Report was completed in Fiscal Year 2007.

Contact Info

Program Manager:   304-399-5843