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Project Description

LOCATION:  The restoration project is located in the Town of Boone, Watauga County, NC along the South Fork New River. 

DESCRIPTION:  A stream restoration project is being proposed in Boone, NC along 4,000 feet of the South Fork New River.  The New River has been designated an American Heritage River.  A variety of river restoration techniques will be formulated to address the severely eroding and failing riverbanks in the project reach.  Continuing development within the watershed and large storm events have caused river instability including unprecedented streambank erosion and the lateral migration of stream channels.  As a result, the upper New River is experiencing severe sediment loading.  The high sediment loads degrade the stream and significant components of the aquatic habitat throughout this reach of river.  The proposed Section 206, Aquatic Restoration Project along the South Fork New River in Boone, NC, will restore habitat quality to a reach of river currently degraded by insufficient depth, lack of shade, siltation and sedimentation, and lack of instream habitat diversity.  As a result of existing stream conditions, the fish populations in the river are well below the carrying capacity.  Stream improvements can greatly benefit fish spawning, nursery, and holding areas for trout and other species.  Implementation of this proposed restoration project is expected to return this segment of the South Fork New River to a more stable and balanced aquatic environment. 


  • Local Sponsor:  Town of Boone, North Carolina.  
  • Congressional District: Congressional District 10
Authorization:  Section 206 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996 (PL 104-3031)


Project Status: A Preliminary Restoration Plan (PRP) was completed in February 2002. The Feasibility Report was approved in June 2009.


Fiscal Year 2010 Activities (Oct 09 - Sep 10) subject to availability of funding:

  • Execute Project Partnering Agreement

Contact Info

Project Manager:  304-399-5083