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Project Information

Project Status: Study is currently on hold due to lack of Federal funding.

Project Name in Appropriations Bill: Wurtland Navigation Channel Improvement, Greenup and Boyd Counties, KY

Authorization: Rivers and Harbors Act of 1960, (P.L. 86-645), Section 107, as amended.

Project Sponsor: Greenup County Fiscal Court Project Stakeholders: Greenup County & Boyd County Fiscal Courts, Port of Huntington, and Port of Louisville

Project Location: The proposed project is located on the left descending bank of the Ohio River (River Mile 332) in Wurtland, Kentucky near the Greenup / Boyd County line. This site is at an active industrial park that currently has rail access as well as direct access to two major highways (State Route 23 and the Industrial Parkway leading to Interstate 64).

Project Background: A letter of intent dated April 9, 2003 was received from Greenup County Judge Executive, Robert Carpenter, requesting the Corps' assistance in the development of a Section 107 channel improvement project in Boyd and Greenup Counties, Kentucky. 

Project Description: The proposed channel improvement is located in a slackwater area of the Ohio River and would facilitate the sponsor's development of a commercial port for public use. This area of the Ohio River lacks sufficient loading and unloading facilities. This industrial site has ample storage facilities and without direct connection to other modes of transportation, such as railroad and highway. The initial portion of this study is to determine whether or not there is a Federal interest to participate / cost share in the development of a harbor at this location.

Contact Info

Program Manager:  304-399-5843