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Project Description

Project Location: The locks are located on the left descending bank of the Ohio River (River Mile 341.0) in Greenup County, Kentucky approximately 24 miles downstream of the confluence of the Big Sandy River.

Project Stakeholders: Inland Navigation Industry, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Electric Utility Producers in the Ohio River Basin

Project Background:  Average annual tonnage from 1995-2004 was 71.1 million tons.

Project Description: The Greenup plan of improvement includes a 600-foot extension of the existing 600-foot auxiliary lock to provide an overall length of 1,200 feet, extension of the downstream guide wall, filling and emptying system improvements, installation of a miter gate quick changeout system (MGQCS) for faster repairs to the lock miter gates, an off-site dry dock to minimize transportation impacts during construction, and environmental mitigation measures. A supplemental filling and emptying system will be incorporated to prevent unbalanced filling and emptying of the extended lock chamber and to maintain the existing filling and emptying times for the lock extension. Improvements include fabrication of a new miter gate for use as a fifth gate, construction of an on-shore gate storage and maintenance structure, and modification to all other existing miter gates to facilitate lifting and installation. Environmental mitigation for terrestrial habitat losses includes restoration of 139 acres of riparian forest habitat, open field habitat, and river bank habitat on-site and in-kind. Aquatic habitat losses will be compensated by construction of tailwater habitat structures downstream of the project. Construction of artificial reef structures includes two 1,000-foot parallel dikes in the restricted tailwater zone below the Greenup Dam. 

Project Status: The authorized Greenup Lock Extension project is currently in the Preconstruction Engineering and Design phase with funding provided from the General Investigation appropriation. Plans and specifications are complete for the mooring cells and new miter gates. District is awaiting appropriation of funds to initiate construction.

Contact Info

Project Manager 304-399-5864