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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District, is revising the Summersville Lake Master Plan. The original Master Plan document for Summersville Lake was developed by the Corps in the early 1960s, and was last updated in the early 1970s. The Master Plan is used by the Corps as guidance for the management and development of natural resources, cultural resources, and recreation at Corps civil work projects.

Since the opening of Summersville Lake in the 1960s, there have been significant changes at the Lake and in the surrounding area, not only in the development of facilities, but recreation use patterns as well. The variety and extent of change occurring since the last update has prompted the Corps to revise the Master Plan for Summersville Lake. The new Master Plan will provide a vision for the future of the Lake and the necessary goals for achieving the vision. The Corps Huntington District is now in the initial stages of revising the Master Plan.

We are into our second year of a three year master planning effort at Summersville Lake.  During the first year we sought to better understand the project site, collect public/stakeholder input, gather base mapping/data, and identify issues, opportunities, and needs.  Now that our master planning team has a good feel for the character of the lake, it is time to move into year-2 of the effort.

Year-2 consists of several efforts.  The first being the preparation of a contract for a Recreational Market Study and a Historic Property National Eligibility Inventory.  The result of these efforts will help to refine our future objectives for recreational management, and provide a historic property baseline against which management and development actions can be evaluated.  While these efforts are progressing, we will be developing the key guiding products of the master plan which include; 1) vision statements (goal statements), 2) resource objectives, land classification maps (project zoning maps), and conceptual site plans. 

As we progress through the year we will continue to update this site with draft products, as well as scheduled times and dates for additional public input meetings.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments, or input you would like to provide, please don’t hesitate to submit them via the Summersville Master Plan email address,

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