Zoar Levee and Diversion Dam

United States Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District (District), is maintaining this website to provide updates and information on planned repairs to Zoar Levee and Diversion Dam, in accordance with the Programmatic Agreement (PA) among the District, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and Ohio State Historic Preservation Office.  Zoar Levee and Diversion Dam, in Tuscarawas County, Ohio has been assigned a Dam Safety Action Classification 3 – Moderate Urgency for action project because the potential consequences to Zoar Village National Historic Landmark District are unacceptable.

The PA requires frequent and meaningful communication between USACE and PA Signatories and Consulting Parties.  This website is designed to provide current plans, project updates and other information, in addition to providing contact information to anyone who has questions or concerns regarding this undertaking.The Zoar State Memorial Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1969 and its boundary was increased in 1975.  The community was listed under Criterion A for its association with the 19th century German separatist movement and flood control, and under Criterion C for its outstanding examples of nineteenth century architecture. The Muskingum River Basin flood control projects, of which the Zoar Levee and Diversion Dam are a contributing factor, are eligible for listing in the National Register under Criterion A for their association with federal flood control efforts in the Muskingum Basin. Zoar Levee is considered NRHP eligible because it retains historical integrity, it has the ability to convey information about federal involvement in flood control efforts in the Muskingum Basin, and for its role in historic preservation at Zoar Village.

The District completed a Dam Safety Modification Study (DSMR), Environmental Assessment and associated PA in 2016, which evaluated potential actions to remediate the risk to the Zoar Village National Historic Landmark District.  The construction of an Internal Erosion Interception Trench (IEIT) that will run along the current toe of the levee was selected as the preferred alternative among several that were considered, as this alternative was deemed both effective and cost effective. 

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