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General Information

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River and Harbor Act of 30 August 1935; New construction, Water Resources Development Act of 1986.


The original project construction cost $6,340,100. The new lock and gate bay cost $227,400,000.


Non-navigable, gated dam, top length 676'-9 . Six roller crest gates and one tainter gate, spanning 100'-3 1/2" between piers. Damming height 28'.


Of an estimated Easement Acreage of 1,243 acres for the project, approximately 315.53 acres fee required for the lock site, 15 acres fee for the abutment site, 4.33 acres for recreation site, and flowage easements or other lesser interests over the remaining area.


One license has been granted to the Kanawha Valley Power Company for Hydroelectric power plant (capacity of 14,760 KW) for a term of 30 years, effective 17 January 1984. This outgrant contains 14.62 acres that consists of a forebay area, intake structure, a powerhose, a tailrace, a substation and a transmission line.


New Main lock is 110' wide by 800' long with miter gates. Twin auxiliary locks each of which are 56' wide by 360' long, with miter gates.

Net Land Owned

315.53 acres fee at lock site. Approximatlly 12 acres fee at recreation site #1. 15 acres fee at abutment site. 1,247.2 acres flowage easements, which includes flowage rights by use permits as follows: 1.00 acre from National Youth Administration; 2.90 acres from Department of Agriculture.


Normal upper pool elevation 566.0' m.s.l., upper pool length 36.7 miles to Marmet Dam, normal upper pool surface area 3,100 acres, normal lower pool elevation 538.0' m.s.l., (upper pool of R.C.Byrd/Gallipolis Dam), and normal lift of 28.0'.


No extensive relocations necessary, but remedial measures required to adapt certain facilities to new pool conditions.


The original project was placed in operation during September 1935 and was completed in August 1937. The new lock chamber was placed in operation in November 1997.


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Kanawha River, 31.1 miles above mouth of river at Winfield, WV.


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There are 5 recreation areas at lock site, visitors center, overlook, observation areas, serveral nature/wildlife habit ponds and over 1 1/2 miles of fishing acess.

Restricted Area