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American Watershed Initiative.  America’s Watershed Initiative is a collaboration working with hundreds of business, government, academic, and civic organizations to find solutions for the challenges of managing the Mississippi River and the more than 250 rivers that flow into it. Only by working together—coordinated, focused and for the long term—will we make meaningful progress to raise the grades for America’s Watershed.

  • Ohio River Goals: The AWI report identified Ohio River Basin goals. From these goals, ORBA is identifying high priority regional challenges that may provide a framework for an Ohio River Basin Restoration Strategy. These goals and corresponding examples of high priority challenges follow.
  • Goal: Resilient and Sustainable Flood Control and Risk Reduction: Provide resilient flood protection and risk reduction through well-managed and maintained infrastructure, including appropriate floodplain connections for water conveyance and ecosystem benefits, and management of surface and storm water runoff to better protect life, property and economies – High Priority Regional Challenge:  Regional Flood Risk Assessment and Actionable Priorities
  • Goal: The Nation’s Most Valuable River Transportation Corridor: Provide for safe, efficient and dependable commercial navigation within the Ohio River Basin to ensure a competitive advantage for our goods in global markets – High Priority Regional Challenges: Regional Collaboration Related to Intermodal Transportation Nodes and Freight Plans; Inland Navigation Capital Development Plan (Water Resources Development Act)
  • Goal: Healthy, Productive Ecosystems: Conserve, enhance and restore ecosystems within the [Ohio River Basin] to support natural habitats and the fish and wildlife resources that depend upon them – High Priority Regional Challenge: Regional Restoration and Protection Prioritization, Planning, and Execution
  • Goal: World-class Recreation Opportunities: Enrich the quality of life for people and recreation-based economies by maintaining and enhancing riverine, lake and wetland-associated recreation within the basin – High Priority Regional Challenges: Regional Market Development for Ohio River Basin Recreation and Tourism; GIS Resource Atlas as a Common Platform for Ohio River Basin Data and Communication
  • Goal: A Vibrant Economy: Sustain a water use system to efficiently and effectively support agricultural, industrial, and energy productivity – High Priority Regional Challenge: Regional Marketing of ORB to Industry Needing Low-cost Energy, Water (consumptive or non-consumptive), and Water Transportation;
  • Goal: Abundant Clean Water: Ensure the quality and quantity of water in the Ohio River Basin is adequate to support the economic, social and environmental functions that are dependent on it – High Priority Regional Challenges: Regional Training and Data Quality Program for Volunteers (Citizen Science); Regional Water Quality Monitoring Capital Development Plan; Regional Development of Approaches for Converting Excess Nutrients to Profit