Corps’ Role in the Ohio River Basin

The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division office and the four River Districts oversee planning, design, construction and management of water resources projects that reduce life loss and flood damages, reduce regional transportation costs of various commodities and fuels, restore ecosystem habitat and services, and respond to needs of the basin residents and security resources during floods, droughts and other disasters. The 2009 Ohio River Basin Comprehensive Plan was a joint effort of the river districts to ascertain risks in the basin and develop strategies that address those risks through sustainable and resilient projects. 

USACE National Water Resources Missions

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has been authorized by Congress to engage in various water resources related missions including flood risk management, inland and coastal navigation, ecosystem restoration, water supply, hydropower, recreation, hurricane and storm damage repair and regulatory permit actions on navigable waterways under provisions of the Clean Water Act. The Corps of Engineers also supports National Security and Disaster Response efforts in the nation and collaborates with other Federal agencies in creating a sustainable and resilient infrastructure system that meets the needs of the nation.