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1.  No illegal drugs. THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

2.  No alcohol will be permitted in the period-style camps, on the battlefield, in the fort, or in the historic area.  THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. 

3.  Military: All company commanders will be held liable for the actions of their troops both on-and-off the battlefield, the fort, and the entire historic area.  They must be sure that their troops are aware of and abide by all safety regulations.  With the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, SAFETY IS A TOP PRIORITY.  Proper military courtesy and behavior is encouraged at all times, but it is required in the presence of the visitors.  U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Title 36) rangers (with badges) and/or designated law enforcement officers may remove any participant from the property at any time during the event without appeal.  All weapons (including rounds in cartridge boxes and caps in cap pouches and light artillery pieces and limber ammunition boxes) will be inspected prior to all programs (U. S. Army Corps of Engineers rangers (with badges) and/or designated law enforcement officers will have the final approval of all inspections).  Any weapon and/or accoutrement with rounds and/or caps and/or light artillery piece and/or limber box that fails to pass inspection will not be allowed.  Any weapon that does not have the proper seal of approval (provided by U. S. Army Corps of Engineers) will not be allowed.  Any arms bearing and/or firing soldier and/or cannoneer may be required to perform accepted drill procedure (either individually and/or as a company/battery using Hardee’s Tactics and/or Gilliam’s Tactics and/or U. S. Artillery Drill) before being allowed on the field.  All participants (military and civilian) MUST complete and have approved an U. S. Army Corps of Engineers volunteer form prior to participating.  All participants who are involved in the firing of any weapons MUST also complete and have approved an additional U. S. Army Corps of Engineers weapons registration and safety form prior to taking the field for demonstrations.  This approved form gives him or her permission to discharge approved weapons with gun powder (black powder charges without projectiles) in the Bulltown Historic Area only during the October 10-12 period.  Both forms are available on this site. 

4.  Participants may unload and/or pack equipment from their vehicles in the camps on Friday from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. in an orderly fashion one-at-a-time.  Participants may also load and/or pack equipment to their vehicles in the camps on Sunday from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. in an orderly fashion one-at-a-time.  However, all vehicles must be removed from the battlefield and the fort after unloading/loading.  Please keep in-mind that this is protected land so please be careful when driving on-site.  To also assist participants, UTVs staffed by U. S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel will be provided for access to the battlefield and the fort.    If conditions are wet and/or muddy, no vehicles will be allowed on-site.  A parking area for participants will be provided by the Corps.  No vehicles will block camp access roads or any Corps project roads in any area for any reason.  Violator’s vehicles will be towed at their expense. 

5.  There will be two main camps: 1) in the Bulltown Historic Area close to the Bulltown Interpretive Center/Museum for Confederate troops and any Confederate troop related civilian impressions, and 2) in the fort and on the terrace behind the lower trench area for Federal troops and any Federal troop related civilian impressions.  No dug fire pits are allowed in any area.  Fires are allowed only in clear areas within the campsites and must be surrounded by rocks.  At no time will there be unattended fires, and all fires must be completely extinguished.  Firewood will be furnished by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

6.  Any participant not following the scheduled plans for the event will be asked to leave.

7.  No weapon, other than those that are representative of the 1863 timeframe, will be allowed without prior approval and documentation by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Officers and non-commissioned officers are allowed one sidearm and one sword apiece.  Side arms, Bowie knifes, and swords are not encouraged among the rank-and-file troops; however, exceptions may be granted if prior documentation is provided to the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

8.  No modern shoes, boots, watches, cell phones, or any other non-period specific clothing (including clothing made of modern materials), and/or jewelry item will be allowed at any time.  Eye glasses should be of wire frame. 

9.  All military and civilian impressions should be of the 1863 mid-Civil War period.  No excessive yellow, red, or sky blue colors and/or adornment on any uniform.  Female military impressions should be of the 1863 mid-Civil War period.  All impressions MUST be approved by the Corps of Engineers before participating. 

10.  All children impressions must be dressed as per children of the mid 1860s.

11.  Cartridges will be limited to 60 grains of gunpowder (black powder) for the .577 or .58 cal. weapons; 70 grains for .69 cal. Weapons; 25 grains for .44 cal. Colt Army (or comparable pistol) (no toilet sealant, comparable sealant, and/or wonder wads are allowed).  Artillery rounds will be limited to 4 oz. of gunpowder (black powder) per shot for Mountain Howitzers and 6 oz. of gunpowder (black powder) per shot for 6 pounders, 12 pounders, and 3” Ordinance Rifles.  Only full-scale light artillery pieces and/or limbers with ammunition boxes are allowed. 

12.  Straw/hay will be provided by the Corps for camping.  It is strongly encouraged that any straw/hay used for bedding be kept out-of-site.  Straw and/or hay will not be used as props during the event. 

13.  No unscripted hand-to-hand combat will be allowed at any time.

14.  All troops not following orders from their respective commanders will be asked to leave the event.

15.  No modern food containers, coolers or beverage containers and/or modern conveniences will be allowed in public view.  All companies and participants that require the above conveniences must keep them hidden at all times during public hours and are strongly encouraged to do so at other times.  This is in-place due to increase the quality of the event for the participants and spectators alike.  This is also due to wishing to provide school children and all visitors with a memorable experience that will enhance their learning and understanding of this critical period in our history.

16.  No participants under the age of 16 will be allowed to carry weapons and/or be a member of weapons firing unit at any time, on-or-off the field, during a drill, during a demonstration, and/or on the march.  No military participant is allowed under the age of 12.  Underage participants are welcome to be flag bearers, drummers, and/or couriers. 

17.  Ramrods are not to be used at any time during the event except during approved inspections and/or loading demonstrations.

18.  Any special impression, including but not limited to: 1) first person political and non-battle specific military impressions, e.g., Lee, Grant, Lincoln, and/or Davis; and 2) other forms of "specialty" impressions; e.g., veteran reserve corps; bucktails; mountain men; Scottish; Irish; sailors; marines; sharpshooters, etc.) MUST contact the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers before registering.

19. Any horse on-site must have prior approval and must be listed on your registration form.  Any horse MUST have current Coggins documentation and it MUST be presented before participating in the event.  Hay will be provided for the horses by the Corps.

20.  Participants will be required to display parking permits (provided by the Corps) on their vehicles dash in a visible manner and to park in designated (for living historians) parking areas only.  Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

21.  No participant will allow any spectator to handle an unloaded weapon, bayonet, sword, knife, or fire a loaded and/or unloaded weapon, or ride any horse, or play upon any artillery piece (including limbers, caissons, and/or limber boxes) at any time.

22.  The firing of any weapons in any camp between dusk to dawn will be strictly prohibited.  Firing of side arms and shoulder arms weapons in any camp during daylight hours will be done ONLY in an effort to clear the piece and shall be conducted at a safe location proceeded by the call “Fire in the hole.”  No light artillery pieces will be fired at any time other than during the afternoon demonstrations and/or approved drills and/or approved inspections.                                                               

23.  Special scenarios or skirmishing involving the use or discharge of any weapon in any area within the event site which is non-scheduled or that has not been pre-approved are prohibited.  Individual company and/or battalion drills and/or light artillery drills will be scheduled on Saturday and Sunday (please see below).  No pyrotechnics and/or ground charges are allowed at any time.  No scenario which includes the church and/or the cabins (all moved here in the early 1980s) will be allowed.

24.  The event site, including the original 1863 Bulltown Battlefield, the original Federal occupation site, the original Federal fort, the Bulltown Historic Area (including the original Cunningham home and farmstead), and the original Weston and Gauley Bridge Turnpike, is protected historic Federal ground and is subject to Federal protection law.  NO RELIC HUNTING IS PERMITTED.  Anyone caught will face expulsion from the event and will be ticketed with a Federal citation (*note—any U. S. Army Corps of Engineers ranger wearing a badge has citation authority) and is subject to further Federal prosecution beyond this citation.                                                               

25.  Commanders have the responsibility of knowing the existing medical conditions of all who are under their command and to be confident that all are fit to take the field.  Commanders have the responsibility to order anyone ill or unfit to not take the field.  Rangers and/or law enforcement officers may also remove individuals if they observe illness.

26.  In the event of an actual medical emergency of someone needing immediate medical attention in camp or on-the-field, the word “MEDIC” will be shouted. When this is heard, all activity must cease.  On-the-field, while drilling, and/or on the march, all commanders should immediately notify either a ranger, and/or a designated law enforcement officer, and/or an emergency worker, and must halt all activity until medical personnel can care for that person and the field is cleared.

27.  If you are on-the-field, while drilling, and/or on the march, and you suddenly do not feel well please tell your pards to notify an NCO, an officer, a ranger, an emergency worker, and/or a law enforcement officer and immediately STOP ALL ACTIVITY.  Be smart, don’t push yourself. 

28.  Independent soldiers and/or civilian impressions acting on-their-own will not be tolerated and will be escorted from the field and expelled from the event without recourse.

29.  All commanders, all civilian impressions, and all military impressions will be responsible for the cleanliness of their respective camp areas.  Please remember that  trash is the responsibility of each person.  Please do not leave garbage in and/or around camp.  Before leaving the event, please make sure that all garbage is cleared and that all fire areas are clean and safe.  Remember this is historic Federal ground.  Let’s all do our part to protect it for future generations and keep it clean and safe.