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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Huntington District periodically holds public meetings in the Grant, Randolph and Tucker county areas regarding the WVMA project. These meetings are advertised in the local newspapers. USACE has developed a list of interested parties, and periodically mails newsletters updating them on project progress. In addition, USACE created and maintains a WVMA project web site. USACE also participates in community events as part of the public involvement effort to educate the public on the WVMA project and UXO safety. USACE responds to individuals desiring information on the WVMA and Dolly Sods areas, and maintains an Administrative Record, which is a compilation of documents that record USACE's decision-making process and activities regarding the project.

Meeting Minutes

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The Public Meeting kicked-off the Second Ordnance and Explosives Five Year Recurring Review being conducted on the Dolly Sods Region of the Former West Virginia Maneuver Area (WVMA) Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) Project.


Follow these links to downloaded the meeting notice flyer (100 KB PDF) and the notice published in local newspapers newspapers (25 KB PDF) for this past WVMA public meeting.

Minutes of the Public Information Meeting
Dolly Sods FUDS Project Second Five-Year Recurring Review
Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
April 30, 2009



Name Organization  
Rick Meadows USACE-Huntington  
Nick McHenry USACE-Huntington  
Rudy Williams WV Division of Forestry  
John Anderson WV Division of Forestry  
Jeff Tansill    
Kevin Keplinger West Virginia State Police  
Ken Dzaack Canaan Valley Institute  
Jimmy Bowers Seneca Rocks Volunteer Fire Department  
Jerry Bowers Seneca Rocks Volunteer Fire Department  
Mike Powell The Nature Conservancy  
Curtis Crigler Pendleton Co. Office of Emergency Mgmt  
Jason Reed U.S.Forest Service, Monongahela N.F.  
Eric Sandeno U.S.Forest Service, Monongahela N.F.  
Julie Fosbender U.S.Forest Service, Monongahela N.F.  
Rob Whetsell    
John Manly Seneca Rocks Volunteer Fire Department  

6:30pm - Setup for meeting began. Nick McHenry and Julie Fosbender prepare meeting area for the presentation.

7:00pm - Nick McHenry discussed the public meeting agenda and presented a brief
history of the Dolly Sods/Former WV Maneuver area and USACE actions to date.

7:25pm - Nick McHenry discussed the previous five-year recurring review conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This included team members, findings, recommendations, and actions that were taken as a result of that last report.

7:45 pm - Nick McHenry discussed the current five-year recurring review being conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This included a discussion on the steps in the recurring review process, research approach, and keys to success in the recurring review process.

8:15pm - Open forum was opened; questions were asked to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees present (Meadows/McHenry).

8:45pm - Meeting was officially adjourned.

The application of new technologies to be used for the Dolly Sods project was discussed including: Web site design, the use of a digital administrative record/public repository, GPS, GIS and the Ordnance and Explosives Recurring Review Process that USACE conducted. The public awareness and community relations plans were discussed. It was suggested that better methods of informing the public of UXO and related risks be discussed and implemented by the participating agencies.


Minutes of the Public Information Meeting
Concerning the Dolly Sods Area
Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
August 19, 2003


6:45pm - Setup for meeting began.

(This included film crew setup and projector setup.)

7:35 - Frank Albert discussed the public meeting agenda and presented a brief
history of the Dolly Sods/Former WV Maneuver area and USACE actions to date.

7:50 - Erich Guy discussed the application of new technologies (including the use of
digital Administrative Record/Public Repository, website design, GPS and GIS)
on this project and the Ordnance and Explosives Recurring Review Process that
USACE is conducting.

8:10 - Earline Lagueruela discussed Public Awareness and Community Relations
Plans. She said that S&C had recently conducted a community and hiker survey
pertaining to awareness of ordnance in the Dolly Sods Area. Earline also
said that the various agencies need to discuss ways to better inform the public
of the dangers that are present in this area.

8:15 - Open forum was opened; questions asked/statements made were:
• Rick Meadows invited everyone present to the Partnering Meeting that was to
be held on August 20, 2003, at 8:30 am at the Canaan Valley Lodge.
• Wally Dean said that the USACE should provide the Forest Service with an
accurate trail map for use at the Dolly Sods Area.
Response – Carol Whetsell of the US Forest Service said that there are
numerous trails in the Dolly Sods North Area that are not "Official Trails",
but are used by hikers. These are either old Jeep or logging truck roads, or
wildlife trails.
• Rick Meadows said that hikers he had talked to on the trail suggested that
trash bags should be provided so they can bring out their trash.
• Wally Dean said that there is another endangered species in the Dolly Sods
Area besides the Cheat Mountain Salamander; the Virginia Flying Squirrel.
• Wally Dean said that an archeological/cultural resources investigation was
also conducted during the 1997-98 ordnance removal action.

8:35pm - Meeting was adjourned.

The history of the Dolly Sods Ordnance project was discussed along with enrollment into the FUDS program and conception and implementation of the unexploded ordnance (UXO) removal action. A presentation of geographic information system (GIS) application to the project was held which demonstrated its benefits to the Dolly Sods area, such as mapping trails and ordnance location. The public awareness and educational campaign for Dolly Sods was discussed and its importance was reiterated by presenting public use statistics for the area and risks involved with UXO.


Minutes of the Public Information Meeting
Concerning the Dolly Sods Area
Blackwater Falls Lodge, Davis, West Virginia
June 2, 2004


6:00pm – Setup for meeting begins, including preparing room, arranging handouts, and
setting up projector and computer.

7:10pm – Rick Meadows introduces meeting presenters and introduces project.

7:15pm – Frank Albert presents the history of Dolly Sods ordnance project. Frank
discusses the history of the area, enrollment in the FUDS program, and
conception and implementation of the unexploded ordnance (UXO) Removal

7:30pm – Erich Guy demonstrates the application of geographic information system
(GIS) data to the Dolly Sods project, showing examples of mapping trails and
ordnance locations with a possibility of finding firing ranges or locations. Erich
then gives a presentation on Ordnance and Explosives (OE) Recurring Review,
outlining the Aug. and Nov. 2003 field inspections. These inspections yielded
minimal erosion problems, but provoked some concerns about properly marking
trails. Some suggestions were made to mark some trails better and remove
markings on trails that had not been cleared for ordnance. The review
concluded that the 1997-98 ordnance removal action at Dolly Sods is still
protective of human health and the environment. Recommendations for
improving certain institutional controls and public awareness/education efforts
were presented. Carol Whetsell asks for a new copy of the updated UXO
warning sign, and for specific information on signs to be added and removed,
which Erich was able to provide after the meeting.

8:10pm – Nick McHenry presents advocating public awareness and education on the
Dolly Sods area. Nick discusses statistics of public use of the area and what
risks the site presents to the public. A public awareness campaign had begun in
2003 for Dolly Sods.

8:15pm – Open forum was opened for questions and statements to be made
• Rick Meadows states that the contractor has been given the go-ahead to make
informational video and area maps, but they will not be released until final
assessment. 10,000 hard copies of the maps will be distributed. A digital
version of the map will also be available for download from the USACE website.
• Rodger Ozburn asks whether Forest Service offices will get copies of map.
• Rick Meadows assures that all interested parties will receive copies of map.
• Erich Guy states that a hard copy of the “Draft Final Recurring Review Report,”
of which a digital copy has already been provided on the USACE FTP site, is
available. A hard copy is also available in the public repository located at the
USFS office in Elkins, WV, or by contacting USACE Huntington District.
• Rick Meadows inquires whether everybody received a copy of the Public
Awareness Plan. Meeting attendees reply affirmatively, but Rick gives John
Safstrom a copy, just in case. Rick then asks if anybody would like a copy of
the Recurring Review, and also gives John a copy of the Recurring Review.
• Nick McHenry passes out CDs of the May 25th 2004 version of the West
Virginia Maneuver Area Dolly Sods Region Administrative Record.
• Rick Meadows passes out promotional items, such as whistles and water bottles
with warning messages, designed as part of the public awareness/education campaign.

8:25pm – Meeting Adjourned