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Projects & Status

Table of Projects and Status in Operable Units

Operable Unit (OU) #

WVOW Area(s)
 Status of Project
  • Burning Grounds Area
  • TNT Manufacturing Area
  • Former Red/Yellow Water Lines
    (Capping/Excavation and Flaming)
 Long-Term Management
  •  Red Water Reservoirs (Capping)
 Long-Term Management
  • Yellow Water Reservoir
  • Barren Areas (Capping)
 Long-Term Management
  • Red Water Area (Groundwater Treatment)
  • Yellow Water Area (Groundwater Treatment)
  • Pond 13/Wet Well Area (Groundwater Treatment)
 Remedial Action - Operation
  •  Pond 13/Wet Well (Capping)
 Long-Term Management


  •  OU 1, 2, 3, and 5 (Wetland Mitigation)
 Pond Construction Complete - Removed from NPL Boundary
  •  Point Pleasant Landfill

 Potentially Responsible Party Action handled by EPA

  •  TNT Manufacturing Area (Soils)
 Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study
  •  TNT Manufacturing Area (Groundwater)
 Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study
  • Acids Area
  • Toluene Storage Area
  • WVOW Shop Areas
 Removed from NPL Boundary
  •  Sellite Plant and Vicinity
 Removed from NPL Boundary
  • North and South Powerhouses
  • Ash Pits
  • Disposal Dumps
 Removed from NPL Boundary

Table of Projects and Status in Expanded Site Investigations

Expanded Site
Investigation #

WVOW Area Status of Project
ESI-01 Magazine Area Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-02 Acid Dock Area Partially Responsible Party - Action being handled by EPA
ESI-03 Tract 21 Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-04 Red Water Outfall Sewer Line Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-05 Refueling Depot Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-06 Motorpool / Maintenance Area Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-07 Sewage Plant Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-08 Washout Area and Dump Site (TNT Area) Construction completed; groundwater to be addressed under OU-9
ESI-09 Railroad Classification Yards Removed from NPL Boundary
ESI-10 Additional Areas of Concern Decision Document signed - Required Actions Completed