Dam Safety Production Center Management Group (DSPC-MG)

The DSMMCX is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and facilitating DSPC-MG activities.  Committee membership consists of the USACE Special Assistant for Dam and Levee Safety, the Director of the Risk Management Center (RMC), the Director of the Modeling, Mapping Consequence Center (MMCC), the USACE Dam Safety Program Manager and the directors of all the DSPCs within USACE. The committee shall be chaired by the DSMMCX Director. The DSPC-MG meets quarterly and focuses on consistency of DSPC products, how to make delivery of DSPC products/services more efficient, ensuring widest distribution of lessons learned and ensuring a coordinated workload among the DSPCs.  There are currently seven DSPCs:

    • Great Lakes and Ohio River Division – Huntington, WV
    • Mississippi Valley Division – Vicksburg, MS
    • North Atlantic Division – New York, NY
    • Northwestern Division – Omaha, NE
    • South Atlantic Division – Atlanta, GA
    • South Pacific Division – Sacramento, CA
    • Southwestern Division – Tulsa, OK