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Dickenson County Section 202 Project

The primary components of the project include school relocations; an Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP); and a voluntary floodproofing and floodplain evacuation program. The current focus of the project is relocation of Ervinton High School, Sandlick Elementary School, and the lower buildings of Haysi High School and floodproofing of Clinchco Elementary School. However, the Corps also has plans for floodproofing and acquisition of privately-owned structures (homes and businesses) that are eligible for the Section 202 Flood Risk Management Program. The county is included in the Section 202 program because the April 1977 flood caused damages in the Dickenson County project area.  Section 202 was authorized by the Energy and Water Development Appropriation Act of 1981 and amended by Section 105 of the Energy and Water Development Act, 1997, as a response to flooding in the Tug and Levisa Fork basins. The Dickenson County Board of Supervisors is the non-Federal sponsor for this project, and must provide 5% of the cost of any project component.

 Dickenson County Public Schools proposed an alternate plan to consolidate the County's three high schools, construct a new middle school, and replace Sandlick and Clinchco Elementary Schools with a new elementary school. This alternate plan will fulfill the requirements of providing a flood-safe location for the schools in the Section 202 Program and was agreed to by the Corps. The minimum level of protection afforded to the voluntary nonstructural participant is equivalent to the April 1977 flood or 1% annual exceedence event (100-year), whichever is greater.

The Project Cooperation Agreement was executed in Jan 2006. A Detailed Design Report for the four schools was completed by the Corps and the estimated cost to provide flood protection for the schools was calculated to be approximately $110.6M (FY 2011 price level). A Floodproofing Agreement for $8.1 million for the Clinchco Elementary School site was executed in September 2010. A Relocations Agreement for $102.5 million for Ervinton High School, Sandlick Elementary School and the lower buildings of Haysi High School was signed in August 2011.

In January 2013, the county school board awarded a contract to construct the Ridgeview High School, Middle School, and Career Technical Center complex on Rose Ridge in central Dickenson County. This contract was awarded to Branch and Associates of Roanoke, VA. Construction began in March 2013. The school board hopes to complete construction in the spring of 2015. The Corps is providing progress payments to the school board as required work is completed.


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